What display is in a Viewlix cab?

With the home release of SF4 around the corner I’ve been looking to purchase a new TV. After reading through tons of TV reviews I finally decided on the Samsung LN40A650. Before purchasing I did a little more reading into gaming on LCD TVs in particular which is when I ran into the input lag monster.

Now, I’m pretty sure the Viewlix cabs use LCD monitors, so I’m wondering what type of monitors/connections they use to acheieve no/mininal input lag? Based on what I’ve read up until now, I’d have to assume they’re using either a LCD PC monitor or a 720p LCD TV that does minimal processing on the monitor side.

Anyway, I’ll just shut up and read what people got to say :lovin:

From what I can find online, it’s just some kind of Sanwa VGA monitor for the Viewlix F, but I dunno about the Viewlix L but I can remember reading that it was a DVI connection. I can’t remember which one most SF cabinets are. Regardless, I couldn’t find the specs and I don’t think they are consumer type monitors. I could be wrong though. I’m just citing what I got from reading about it.


I know it doesn’t really answer your question, but it looks like you’re shooting in the right direction. I’m too tired to read it, it’s a long ass post.

Samsung which have a gaming mode built in are pretty tight.

Are DLP TVs really all that relevant these days?

Viewlix F puts out 1080p and is universal to work with any board. Viewlix L is 720p and is only meant to be used with Taito X and X2 boards (DVI).

If you want to get a monitor that is similar to the Viewlix F or L don’t bother. Buying a monitor of that size and response time is pretty expensive. I believe Viewlix cabs have a 32" monitor on them. The biggest monitor I found was a 29" I believe and it was running me $1000. Instead I picked up a Panasonic Viera 42" Plasma and it works like a dream. Only paid $700 for it as well. Good thing about buying a name brand tv such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, etc. is that the manufacturer actually provides replacement parts for you to buy if anything goes wrong with your unit which makes it fixable. You can also send it to them for repair I believe. Westinghouse (as good as it is), Vizio (garbage), Dynex, Insignia, and other cheaper tvs actually don’t have anything past the 1yr manufacturers warranty. There was a site which did research on this, wish I could find it. Maybe someone on here knows what I’m talking about.

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Fuck if I know. I play my 360 on a 13" tv/vcr combo and don’t give a shit. I refuse to spend eleventy trillion dorra on something that’s just going to be outdated the next day. 480p for life!

Hey whoa, what’s this F and L business all about? It really impacts my life in no way whatsoever but I’m curious! Could anyone please explain the difference?

get a sony samsung LG or sharp.

they all make some low ms TVs that are really good. i have a sony bravia 40" 1080p tv and it works like a dream.

It’s been said before, but:

You can’t depend on any specific type of display, or brand of display, to have any specific range of lag. It is different for each model, and radically so when it comes to consumer HDTV sets. It is also typically different for each model’s different inputs and each supported resolution/frequency. Research the model you are thinking of buying if low lag is very important to you.

That said you are probably better off today than you would’ve been a few years ago, if you’re just walking into a store buying a random set.

I share a similar fear of picking up a TV set and finding out it has input lag, I’ve done my share of research and nothing is conclusive. With all modern technological wonder they still can’t make an affordable commercial completely lag free set regardless of the input devices native resolution? :wasted:

LN40A650, good choice. How much did you pay?

i have read so much material. and i myself have not found any conclusive data that a single hd tv has no lag. its very surprising.

Haven’t purchased it yet. Still doing some research, but I’ll probably buy it a week or so before SF4 is released. Fortunately I have two friends who works at Futureshop (a Canadian company owned by Best Buy) so I’m getting it at staff price. Price is still up there though… comes in at like $1350 Can. + taxes.

Here’s the F


Here’s the L


Here’s the link with the info on both.

What kind of LCDs do they use in Evo? I bet a whole lot of testing was performed to check for any lag related issues.

Thanks, Tetsuosan! :smile:

Yeah, F is definitely 720p but we all already knew that. Couldn’t find the display resolutions on the L cab flyer, but I believe whatever you guys are sayin’.

There are no games that can only run on the new L cab and not the older F one, correct? I’d assume either the monitor or the board would be able to scale things down as required.

I think one of the Vewlix cabs is for the Taito Type-X2 board only, and the other is a more universal cab. I dunno which is which, though

you won’t have any issues with 99% of current LCDs or Plasmas.

Lag could be an issue with pre 2004 LCDs but not with the new ones.

I currently have the Samsung 52" A750 (forgot the entire model number) and to say it’s perfect is really downplaying it. At 120hz any HD programming and 360 games look insanely good. I mostly play COD4, HDRemix and Gears 2 so if those games don’t have any issues with lag or ghosting SF4 won’t.

Hell even the 37 inch Vizio I have as my bedroom TV works perfectly for games. Yeah, it’s not the best TV out there, but for 450 bucks it was tough to beat.

Actually, you will. More and more HDTVs are implementing post-processing effects to improve picture quality, but it also adds input lag because of the time it takes to apply the effects to the picture. The best gaming HDTVs are ones that allow you to disable most (if not all) of the post-processing features. There’s more about it in poonage’s new HDTV lag FAQ.