What did i do wrong


i got into the peaceful jays 24/7 room and i played this gouken who just wrecked me i don’t REALLY know what i should have done

You played a game that had showed both players in red bars.

1:07 - random RU. you deserved to get punished.
1:16 - tried to use light headbutt to punish instead of s.mp
1:18 - didn’t link c.jab, c.strong. then even when your c.strong hit, didn’t cancel into special
1:20 - more attempts to punish badly spaced jump-ins with even worse spaced headbutts
1:24 - mashing c.rh in desperate attempt for a knockdown. the opponent wasn’t even playing footsies with you. he tried to cross you up. why would you stick out c.rh?
1:35 - tried to escape with TAP when a simple antiair would have knocked gouken back. even if your TAP had worked it was a poor decision. he could have followed you with EX dp and chipped you to death free.

Round 2
1:50-1:60 - you keep sticking out normals like s.fierce, c.jab when it’s obvious gouken is doing easily punishable divekicks.
2:02 - incredibly obvious you were going to do a dash straight when you just started walking back and gave him space. no mind games at all
2:09 - another failed AA attempt with headbutt. gets punished
2:13 - looks like jab button is on turbo now. all whiffed.
2:22 - finally something good. punishes FA with dash straight xx super

Round 3
2:33 - begins the round by trying to punish dive kick with TAP? you weren’t watching your opponent at all.
2:40 - more turbo jab. looks like you’ve all but given up
2:51 - again using TAP when gouken does dive kick. gets punished

You, my friend, need to relearn Boxer from step 1. Have a read through Jay Wang’s Beginner’s Guide and stop mashing buttons. The entire set you looked like you were only concerned with mashing jab, roundhouse, AA-ing with headbutt, and charging back. I didn’t see any attempts at links, spacing, or learning. As the matches progressed you actually got worse.

I’m not trying to make a fool out of you. But everything that got you damaged was mostly because you stuck out a button or tried to counter (poorly) or used TAP to try and get away. There’s nothing wrong with blocking and you need to learn to just BLOCK.

Wow thats harsh Andy. You did everything except for tell the guy that he sucked.

@kenshin220 - The biggest thing I would work on is reading your opponent and then punish their mistakes. When he goes for dive kick just FA, dash straight. Thats what works for me.

Painfully honest criticism is the best criticism

lol that gouken was hardly beast

looks like you didn’t know the gouken match up because he did a bunch of shenanigans on you and it worked

like andy said, you were mashing on stuff instead of defending correctly. Next time, wait a split second before you panic and start hitting buttons and instead, see what move they do and properly block it. Don’t let him reset you like that into demon flip, just back dash

So you should AA dive kicks with s.mp instead of cr.FP? Also if you do stand and block a dive kick, can it be punished at all or are you at the mercy of whatever blockstring/tech they decide?

The answer to both questions is “it depends”.
s.mp is a better AA if they’re trying to cross you up or do a jump in from a very close range. It comes out faster and the hit box is more vertical.
c.hp does more damage and is the AA of choice if you can get it off, but it comes out slower and is better against jump-ins that are more diagonal (e.g. 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock positions). If they’re in your face and do a jump over your head though, neither AA is likely to hit them unless you predicted it and throw it out in anticipation. If you whiff it, they ‘could’ hop over your head and punish you for it.

In the end you have to estimate where the opponent will strike and decide accordingly. Sometimes it might seem like a good idea to AA but you will lose against the jump-in no matter which AA you choose to throw out (e.g. ken’s ambiguous EX tatsu crossup). In that case, it’ll come down to experience and spacing for judgment.

gouken’s demonflip kick can also be safe on block depending on where he hits you. if he hits you in the head while you’re blocking, he can eat a full combo. if he hits you in the foot he still throw out a s.fierce before you’ve even recovered.

Summary: don’t always try to anti-air everything. learn to react instead of predict. and BLOCK ffs. being predictable defensively is only slightly as bad as being predictable offensively.

If my driving instructor was as painfully honest as that 5 years ago I would still be on the bus and train today.

Less random headbutts more ex uppers and more cr.fr

Doing some good for the environment :slight_smile: