What current and relevant fighting game would you recommend?

I was just wondering what current and relevant fighting game you guys favor these days. I’m talking about the stuff that people still compete in tournaments in and stuff that has been out since 2010 or so.

Wait…is this another “help me pick a fighting game to play” thread?

No, otherwise I would say, I’ve been wanting to play a new game blah blah blah blah blah… I’m just saying what would you suggest if someone asked you this question.

My answers: USF4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, maybe Soul Calibur 5 (but I know not many people like it but I do)

None, they all suck.

Old games are best.

This is one of those “I ask question for the purpose of telling people my own answer to the question.”

KOF 13. It didnt baby anyone like SF4 set out to do.

I really depends on your region if your Midwest your gonna want to play injustice/anime either of the coasts its street fighter, in the south it’ll be Tekken.

None in particular.

Being less easymode than SF4 doesn’t mean anything.

A simple scan of the forum, should give you enough of a good impression of what games people are playing smh

Thanks to everyone that answered the question without having to be such smartasses. I was merely just wondering what people thought in one thread not to answer my own. Just wanted to start some kind of discussion on this. Thank you though! :slight_smile:

and the fact that I got hit with two spam points just for starting some sort of discussion which was on topic and not advertising anything is pretty ridiculous. I thought this was supposed to be the heart of the fighting community which from I actually respect as a whole outside of other gaming community groups. Smh. I guess I won’t be posting much here.

If SF4 wasn’t popular it would be a terrible starting point for a beginner. No tutorial, a singleplayer mode where the CPU reads your inputs, overly unnecessary link based gameplay and too much input leniency that may not transition well if you play other games.

Well as someone who made the mistake of posting threads too soon and got flamed for it, heed my advice. READ THE FORUM RULES FIRST BEFORE MAKING THREADS! 9/10 times the topic you want to discuss has been done before or isn’t thread worthy and you could’ve just used the search bar.

Shoryuken’s FGD forum is not really about trivial discussion of fighting games or topics. It’s about learning and discussing a game and its mechanics, characters, strategies. Stuff that pertains to getting better at fighters.

Your topic could’ve easily been discussed in the FGD general discussion thread. You can’t just post whatever.

Yeah I can kind of see that as well.

Noted, but still no reason for people to be dicks about it. So far this feels like a terrible representation of the fighting game community I used to be part of in the past. Funny when I discussed this particular to my other friends in the FGC, I’m told nothing but bad things about the people here. Flagging me as SPAM? Just because I tried to make discussion with people is a pretty dick move. Regardless, I’ll keep this in mind next time as I can only see good information here, but as far as the social part, forget about it.

it’s not hard to understand why this doesn’t need a thread. it’s a question without content (even if everyone answered it, we would all just say “IMO X game is the best!”), there is nothing substantive to say about the question, and worst case scenario it invites a dumb argument because someone shits on a game someone else likes.

SRK is different from a lot of other forums because in other places if you make a thread like this people will just ignore it, here people will say “please don’t make shit threads like this.” I guess it can be abrasive, but it’s good feedback for new posters, so the next time they look for the new topic button they’ll think “is this really a question worth discussing?”

There’s a dedicated spot for the “social” stuff: that’s the Lounge. I want you to use it. Nobody is saying “don’t use the social space for social stuff” - people are saying “hey you know there’s a stickied thread saying that this guy Preppy will BAN YOU if you don’t follow these simple rules and you know you didn’t follow those rules right?”

Secretly I’m too nice to ever ban anybody, but … you get the point. We need basic rules or otherwise things degenerate into madness and we end up being shitty and pointless.

Use the social thread for the more “social” stuff. If you find your way to Evo, say hi and I’ll give you a free high five and otherwise an enthusiastic welcome to a great and fun scene. :tup: