What console arcade sticks can comfortably hold a HAPP joystick?

My hori ex2 is completely done. The buttons feel horrible and mushy now, and i broke one of the joystick mounts.

I’m going to give it a new life as my first custom joystick. I want to make use of the PCB and make a HAPP style stick.

Any Console stick would work for this right? since i’m going to scrap the stick’s PCB for the Hori one. I would like to be able to putt all the HAPP parts in the stick without too much work, but a little bit of modding wouldn’t hurt.

I see this Saulabi 4 sticl going for only 15 bucks on EBay? would that work?

You need around 60 mm (2.36 inch) depth inside the stick (for instance Happ Competition)

Here are your options for commercially produced sticks that will take Happ parts. Feel free to chime in if I’ve missed any.

Street Fighter Anniversary Stick (PS2/Xbox1), Pelican Real Arcade (PS2/Xbox1/GameCube), X-Arcade (various), C&L Championship Stick (SNES).

For non-commercial (but still great) cases you can get blanks from MAS Systems and Arcade-In-A-Box.

Wow! Where can he get MAS blanks?

MAS cases are NICE and stylish. I’d totally spring for one if i was looking to build another Happ Stick.

That would be my recommendation if they aren’t too pricey.

Mas cases: http://www.arcadeshock.com/images/l_capcomstylestickfullsize.gif

Damn, I should have mentioned MAS. Here’s a link to Anthony’s thread. He does sell blanks.


looks like i’ll be buying a mass blank then. Thanks for the info.