What comic was that? Help identifying comics

I have recently stumbled upon 3 pictures of comics that I cannot find what the name of the comic is so I made this thread in hoping you guys can help out and name that comic.

First one is this http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/1900/miscrez1.jpg , it’s the picture of the right you can’t read it cause the pic is blurry. Great cover might I add.

Second is http://www.comicbookresources.com/assets/images/articles/1249704152.jpg I’ve seen this cover before but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the book.

Third being this one http://www.comicsbulletin.com/good/images/0403/ucx444.jpg I know that is one. I just love the simplicity of this cover but don’t know where it’s from.


I’ll guesstimate on two.

2: I’m guessing Marvel 1987 here? Seems the most accurate based on the cover.

3: Ultimate X-Men variant? About the closest guess I could make, or X-Treme X-Men but I forgot if he was on that or not.

Checked out guess #3 on the Ultimate X-Men covers and X-Treme X-Men and none of them match. I’m sure it’s an X-Men cover but there are so many issues, versions, and spin-offs that I’m not gonna sort through them all.


The second one is Spider-Man and the Secret Wars. It’s the cover for the first issuebut the TPB has the same cover.

Spider-Man & the Secret Wars by Paul Tobin; Patrick Scherberger (Paperback): booksamillion.com

Very strange series, I don’t recommend bothering to read it truth be told. Read the original Secret Wars instead. This series is based on Secret Wars, but except for the first story they find ways not to tell real Secret Wars stories… in a Secret Wars book? And they changed everyone’s costumes so it reflects the '90s style and not the '80s style when the original book came out. Again it was a very bizarre series. The drawings are nice though. Spidey has some really funny lines here and there as a plus. Honestly I’d say skip it if I were you.

Cool thanks for the info on that second one. I own complete sets of the original secret wars comic, from both I and II actually. Wasn’t really interested in buying it was just bothering me cause I couldn’t remember what comic that was. I would purchase the comic in the first one and the comic with Nightcrawlers tail if I knew the name. I know the first one has something to do with zombies just have no idea what and I’m pretty sure that the Nightcrawler’s tail one is X-Men related.


#3. Uncanny X-Men 444

Sweet thanks Dijof. I for some reason am really drawn to this cover.

2 down 1 to go.

EDIT: Finally figured out #1, It’s The Waking #4 Phoenix Comic Con Variant


Anyone know what comic this is?

Orc Stain, nice little indy comic.

I know this is a Street Fighter Comic, but it’s vague. How can I get this in a comic store?

Me - “Yeah, Hi, do you have Street Fighter?”,

Store Owner - “Uh What series?”,

Me - “Uhh… Street Fighter… With an exclamation mark…”


Go to these links, they have a ton of interesting comics I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyy want. Omg…


Why would you want a Street Fighter comic when you could read a good comic instead?

I jest. (Or do I?)

Amazon.com: Street Fighter Volume 1: Round One - FIGHT! (9781897376188): Ken Siu-Chong, Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang: Books

Volume one contains Street Fighter - all issues? And Volume two contains Street Fighter II?

So how many volumes are there? And do they contain all the comics made by Udon?
If so, I’m buying ALL of them. Just so I can see Chun-Li. :3

SF Vol. 1 - SF
SF Vol. 2 - SF
SF Vol. 3 - SF2
SF Vol. 4 - Bonus material and short stories from different artists
SF Vol. 5 - SF2 Turbo
SF Vol. 6 - SF2 Turbo (Finishes the story of SF2)

Chun-Li is in all of the above.

The rest are self explanatory.

Street Fighter Legends Sakura - No Chun-Li
Street Fighter Legends Chun-Li - Chun-Li (Duh)
Street Fighter 4 - No Chun-Li
Street Fighter Legends Ibuki - Ongoing comic so no TPB available just yet. So far no Chun-Li.

I’m guessing those are all of Udon’s comics then. Well, I guess I need to order this stuff.

Yeah that’s all of their SF stuff. :smile:

The Street Fighter comics from issue 00-14, 0-6 made by image comics, you know that one? Apparently it’s up to issue 14, but apparently it’s still to be continued as issue 15 hasn’t been made yet. Is that true? These comics were made in 05. What’s the deal?

Not entirely true. Udon used to work for Image before they seperated. The comics you are looking for are in SF Vol. 1 and 2 from Studio Udon. Under Image it was SF, but when they left Image it just became SF2 and restarted with issue #1. The 6 SF volumes I listed above have everything.

Scratch that, I got it.