What color do you want to be on your BALL! Arcade BALL!

Hey guys,

Don’t misunderstand me!! When i say BALL, I meant the BALL and Button on your Arcade stick. Please choose the following or enter your own opinions.:smokin:. If you really hate a color, you can specify it as you most dislike color as well.

  1. Black
  2. Red
  3. White
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Pink
  7. Orange
  8. Other (Please specify you favor. lol)

If you like crystal BALLs. Please put C in front. EX. C_Black.
If you want to put down a match of Ball/button/background. you can put it down too!!

If you have any crazy ideas like Metallic BALLs, Leather BALLs (Yeah, I know I’m crazy!!) and so on. Feel free to put it down.

BTW, Please forgive me by capitalizing the word BALL.

Crystal Ball is with no bubbles right?
All see-through?

For your future sticks I’d prefer white cases with minimal or no art, 6 button layouts and all start, select and extra buttons OFF the face of the stick (either on the top side, or left or right sides.)

And pink or blue buttons!

You know what I would love to see?

An arcade ball with a sweet gold/silver marble design.

And wondering if the buttons can be done pearly like I guess would be best fit for it.

Hey, sounds like you are a Hardcore Arcade Gamer who cares more about game playing than design.

BTW, pink/blue buttons! good taste! :smokin:

gold/silver marble balls, yet another crazy idea. But does gold/silver marble really exist? lol?

I think it’d be really interesting to see a transparent black balltop, I’d have to see a picture of what you call “crystal” though, interested in how white would look too…

you know, crystal is just a better way of saying “Transparent.” lolz

Not really.

I’d still need to see how the crystal balltops look before I can comment on colors.
Would you try to match the colors closely to semitsu/sanwa? For instance I have a few spare balltops from some HORI sticks, and the two red balltops I have from them look absolutely nothing (color-wise) like my sanwa or semtisu buttons, so even using them looks out of place

Hey, is you choice. bubbles, no bubbles. Whatever you like, put it down. :smokin:

BTW, I personally dont like the bubbles. lol

There are marbles that sell for way over $125 and I’m talking about 1 marble, not even 1" Diameter.

They add Gold Flux to the core of the marble during the glass smelting process. Creates this gold layer and design/shine to it.

Bubbles depends on the color, I liked bubbles on my neon/green and orange, but other colors the bubbles look…eh.

oh. Sorry, my misunderstanding. when you say marbles I was thinking about real nature marble stone. lolz

My balls are just fine the color they are, thank you very much.

ACTUALLY, this Pinball looking ball (on this badass custom stick!)


I found this on the internet. That’s heavy metal. lol


Looks like something my girlfriend can get into :cool:

Hey how cool is it to have a ball top looks like a shift knock!!

I was going to write “Can I have a gearshift style ball?” and you already thought of it. Must be that Chinese fortune telling skill :smile:

I’m confused, are you planning on producing these balltops or is this a generic poll.