What characters own blanka , grove and what specifically beats him

Yes I was just wonder what characters will beat blanka hands down or groves try to be specific as you can.

A-Sakura owns blanka. she shoshosho’s right through his alpha counter.

UHhhhhh N blanka can just counter roll… But some people get tricky with sak and cancel shoryuken with cr. short and hit him out of Roll. It depends really. I like to think A -bison does very well, k cammy and Sagat. Lots of people work well against him. Depends on your play style really.

chun li that shit, right chris:)


Chun Li gets thoroughly murdered by blanka… Especially in K where I just Just Defend your Cross ups and HOP back and jump FP you to death and cross you up for free… LOL my other Random A groove characters are different story hehehe. LOL the match where My A blanka kills your 2 R1s and 1/2 your R2 Chun Li then I lose because I try to RC you all day was pretty Funny though. Gotta give your Chun credit for that win :lol: . But she gets hella battered by low jumping Blanka. :cool: Later Folks. Guile does own(Except Cammy) lol we’ll battle it out Daigo style next time we play hehe. Gotta Gamble that shit LOL(Thanks Frank)

-Chris Rose

lol, we’ll see about that. gotta give my girl chunners more credit than that:cool:

just wait until we play cammy vs guile, i got a feeling you’ll be pretty surprised:D


Thank you :smiley: .

P/K groove… parry/JD > RC blanka ball… most characters I believe can punish RC ball for free after parry or JD.

that’s only one aspect of the match up tho of course.


Kim can kill blanka. Kim jumping fierce punch > than all of blanka’s anti air options

eagle that shit


Even L2-3 Direct Lightning?


eagle does well against blanka. period.

I definately wouldnt say eagle owns blanka. Especiall K-Blanka.

EDIT: eagle can do well, but I dont think he owns blanka.

NOBODY owns blanka. not a single character.

dude, A-Sakura own’s Blanka for free. her dive kick out prioritize blanka’s normal anti-airs, she can start cc at just about anytime and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Bison has that cross up block chain that’s 100% safe and takes more than 1/2 of the guard bar. Even though you can counterattack it, you still lose crazy amounts of guard damage.

A Sakura owns K Blanka, because once Sak starts RC Hurricane Kicking, especially in the corner, there isn’t shit he can do about it. Unless you’re Ino and figure out that you can perfectly time 3 JD’s and then use shortened blockstun to hop out of the corner.

Otherwise, Blanka gives A Sakura just as much trouble as anyone else.

sure divekick outprioritizes his normal AA’s, but blanka can do quick RC electricity (i drum lp, mp, hp, roll, hp), so basically only a lp and then RC electricity will come out. level 2/3 direct lightning super anyone? i’m just saying sakura doesn’t get free jump ins all the time.

yea, but blanka really shouldn’t be playing in that range where bison can easily cross him up anyway. besides, you can just RC hop out of there if it’s a bad crossup situation.

and mummy-B you bring up an interesting point. in the SBO finals, tokido’s A-sak would get ino’s k-blanka in the corner and do RC rh hurricane kick, then 3 standing lp’s, and he’d do it again. kinda like a pseudo trap, because ino couldn’t do shit to get out of it.

In my opinion, Blanka’s Rc electric shit doen’t compare with Sakura’s damn Rc Hurrican kick. That shit is just annoying. A-Sakura owns Blanka for Free. I do think C-Chun gives Blanka a hard time, doesn’t own, but gives a hard time. Chun and Sakura are some annoying girls. A-Rolento is another annoying bastard in A-groove.