What character shuts down spencer the most?

Or better yet what all characters are hard for spencer to get in on?

Taskmaster and Zero are the two worst matchups imo, Tasky zones you out with arrows while having very little fear of reciprocation with bionic arm because of his counter super. Zero simply hovers at super jump height and you dont have a real way to hit him while he safely brings himself back to the ground and repeats the process, although to be fair that is basically zero vs every character. Outside of that Morrigan and trish can give him a tough time getting in but are much more easily overcome.

:eek: Taskmaster and Frank West are pretty much counterpick matchups against Spencer.

Zero is really bad, but the matchup is still playable at least. The two above? Not even close.

I personally disagree on Frank, in the respects that A when you usually start fighting a level 4 Frank he has no meter so you don’t have to fear his reversal and B Frank loves Air M chainsaws, which also means he loves bionic lancers to the face. If he has meter and wants to play ground footsies/wait for you to zip though he definitely has an edge.

Any dedicated zoner can be a hassle, but Spencer has better tools than most to get around that. Morrigan and V Joe I find a particular hassle because of joe’s mobility and morrigan’s bullet hell (plus they both have long lasting invincible at frame 1 level 1 hypers).

Personally I struggle with a Dante who’s willing to play lame and spam crystal/air play/missiles (with good footsies). You need to either take a high horizontal zip or a super jump to get over crystal, and most coverage assists can’t tear through it. You can lancer it but if you do it from too far away he can devil trigger cancel. It’s an approach contrary to how the overwhelming majority of Dantes play, but I feel Spencer doesn’t have a strong answer to it.

task’s stand B > spencer

trish and zero are the ones I hate to play against.

Haggar does not give a flying f*** what Spencer does at anytime.

It also depends on what your team is, what assist you have available.

In my experiences, grapple character and some rush down characters give Spencer problems. Even though Spencer has great air normals, his ground normals suck. So any character with good ground normals that Spencer can’t keep out of the air also are problems. By far the worse match for Spencer I think is Haggar. Whether Haggar is on point or as an assist, he owns Spencer’s soul free of charge. Spencer can’t out normal him on the ground or in the air, Spencer can’t jump at him, can’t grapple at him, can’t Bionic arm unless you can bite a pipe while Haggar is in the air and as an assist, Spencer can’t even cr. a under Haggar’s Double Lariat. The moment you press any button, you get blown up. Because he beats Spencer on point and other wise, I think this is Spencer’s worse match. Other bad matches are Hulk (you can’t go near him), Zero (you can probably only hit him in the air when he doesn’t have buster charged, and even then it’s not easy), Wolverine (dive kick blows up grapple pretty hard) and maybe Trish (dive kick again, her ground normals are way better then yours and it’s difficult for Spencer to keep her out of the air). Taskmaster is difficult, but there are things you can do in that match. But yea, Haggar is the worse I think. If I’m playing a team with Haggar on point, I’m switching to Wesker as soon as I can even if it’s at the character select screen. lol

Spencer has no bad matches. Bionic Lancer solves all issues.

I disagree on hulk, wire grapple’s do really well against hulk and hulk can’t catch you. When he’s in the air, air grab him or hit him. When he’s on the ground, just jump away and do distance wire grapples.
Straight up jumps or jump back :h: into down-forward zip works well against dive kicks.

I dunno dude. Hulk’s standing H beats any zip line swings Spencer does as well as any other normal. The problem is Spencer does not have multiple hitting normals. So you have to be careful about when you press buttons against him. But luckily, a good assist solves that problem. I was strickly talking about 1 on 1. I’m not the best player in the world either, so I could be wrong… But I’m pretty confident that Haggar definitely shuts Spencer down lol.

I will try that against dive kick characters next time I come across one. I’m just not a fan of challenging dive kicks at all. I just block them or try to xfgc them.

There’s not really any need to challenge hulk though. He has no real way to approach since you can just run away from him and throw wire grapples to catch him pressing forward or trying to work super armor.

outside of task master i think spencer goes pretty even with most characters. Zero can be tough for spencer. For that reason if i see task shoot any airborne arrows i just arm him xfc and profit. you can also do the the same thing to wolvie and trish. Spencer has a level 1 xfc that does over a mil. so get rid of those problem characters.

Task is 1.1 though, so if you’re gonna commit to that you better hit your mark. Also, Arming him off air arrows isn’t instant profit if he spaces it properly; when Task cancels into his arrows hyper his body gets arched up, so depending on his initial height it can sometimes make lancer whiff.

I have trouble against Trish & Dorm

Theres really no reason taskmaster should ever be doing jump arrows against spencer unless he wants to lose intentionally, taskmaster doesn’t need to avoid spencer… ever. Dorm is a problem character but I think Trish is very beatable, her rushdown is easy to deal with and her keep away just doesn’t do enough damage to be really threatening, just play slow and fish for air grapples and you’ll get one eventually.

Ehhhh, I agree with everything else but I have a tough time against Trish. Granted the only Trish I typically play against is a friend’s but he is extremely patient in his zoning and by now we’ve played hundreds if not thousands of matches for tourney prep. He used to play her on anchor and yeah, she doesn’t do that much damage but her on point allows him to set up unblockables and whatnot off a knockdown. None of her normals are particular unsafe, her launcher has really good range and is a great anti-air, and her dive kick has good advantage (+12 on block) and is really good at crossing up. You’re right that Spencer can beat Trish but I personally think and matchup that fishing for grapples is your best option is an uphill battle.

  1. TaskMaster (Zone and Invincible startup on counter)
  2. Trish
  3. Hawkeye

If it was vanilla, wesker would be one of them, but his counter is useless against Bionic Lancer now.
Against hawkeye, a nicely place bionic lancer will land a win.

Hey guys, I run Zero, Taskmaster, and Spencer. I play against a friend who almost always runs Wesker on anchor. So more often than not, I have to deal with XF4 Wesker with Spencer. Is there any way to approach this matchup to make it easier for Spencer? I seem to be having a lot of trouble dealing with Wesker esp. with Spencer.

:eek: Outside of super jumps and good blocks, there’s not much else you can do.

You just have to have great blocks and be able to tech throws while sniffing out the occasional command grab.

You can pop Armor Piercer if they get too fresh and Arm always works on errant jump-ins or stray pokes (watch out for retaliatory level 3s).

I don’t recommend poking while the red stuff is flowing. I actually don’t recommend pushing much at all. If you do spot a hit, though, you want to make the combo as long as possible so the factor runs out. If you can fit in Maneuvers at the end, do it–great damage and runs a million seconds off their timer.