What can chun do about ryu's neutral jump roundhouse in sfII champion edition?

I play this on an arcade legends 2 machine at my work, and the best guy here plays ryu, a lame zoning ryu. Well the one thing that I cannot get past is what to do about his neutral jump hard kick, like at best I can take a bad trade trying to st hp, or out of desperation I’ve been able to air throw it, but it’s risky as you have to hit the punch early anticipating him kicking and like throw his kick - usually it just gets stuffed. It’s literally coming down to this 1 situation that is making the difference in our matches. like he can just nuetral jump roundhouse 3x in a row and I can’t find an answer for it! -Was thinking this is why they changed her cl st hk in turbo was it?

You should experiment a little next time, you’ll find the answer much quicker.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I did try cr rh, of course. You can see ryu is throwing his kick early is why chun is winning. If ryu waits to be lower, I’ve found it trades in his favor.

I’ve thought about this quite a bit before posting this, believe it or not. I’ve been losing to this same shit for months. If there is a surefire way to beat this, it isn’t cr rh.

My best guess is to not take the bait, walk back further and jf mk - doing this at the distance that is best for spacing however and ryu wins again, gotta hit him higher up with it.

I will give cr rh another go, but I found it trades and badly.

Yeah I gave it a go, dude is like the Daigo of my work place with his ryu. He actually chose Ken first, probably felt bad about beating me with the op. Well cr rh doesn’t beat either’s nj rh, tried like so many timings of it and got him like once only out of like 4 games. He resorts to this constantly, like his go-to whenever I’m too close to throw a fireball. Like oh, I’m in the corner? Ill just jump up and down and wak out when I knock him down… Through reads I picked him out of it several times with an early forward jump mk, even got him a few times that way with stomps, which flusters well in the corner, but yeah neutral jump roundhouse seems absolutely unbeatable in the right hands, shotos vs chun.