What buffs would you like to see Tony get if a new patch comes out


With my last discussion thread I got hit with 2 trolls so I posted the link to show you that… I’M NOT TROLLING!!! But seriously, what changes would you like to see if a new patch comes out? I, for one, would love to see his ground dash get a considerable upgrade. Being able to cancel his dash after 11 frames is just ridiculous. That needs to get fixed asap. Also what FChamp mentioned when he made a video with Shady K and Magus1234 about how they would change characters is something I would like to see happen to Tony also. He said that smart bombs should be changed back :atk:+ :s: instead of :dp: + :atk:. That’s a great idea I think especially if your trying to zone with them in the air. Those are the only two I can think of off the top right now… Your thoughts?

I would appreciate a bit more horizontal range given to his S launcher and that’s about it.

Remove ridiculous start up on his airdashes OR give him a good ground dash.
Increase hit-stun on J.m.
Increase start-up on Unibeam
Increase ground S hitbox

I don’t really know about anything else but those are buffs that I really want.

why more hit stun on j.M am i missing something here? If it had more hit stun it wouldnt make a difference.

Yes, yes, yes… I remember watching a youtube video saying that Ironman is a strong zoning character. IMO he is a mid-tier zoning character. And I think I am being generous with that statement. I know for sure he is not a top 5 zoning character. It just amazes me that Tony has been in this franchise for so long and he’s never been consider a top tier character. Show Mr. Stark some love Capcom…

Also a safe super would be nice. Its kinda sad that proton canon is unsafe on hit in certain instances.

All he needs to be good is a better ground dash. Proton Cannon should be safe on hit too, its stupid its not.

Give him a REAL ground dash, make his proton canon safe on hit, make his Cr.H otg, allow that he be able aim the smart bombs like in the old mvc and increase the length on his S. Also don’t know what you guys think about this but i want his old mvc double knee drop back it would at least give him access to more options in the air so he can get down quickly. not asking for like a doom type foot dive just want it to serve as more utility in his neutral game then in combos. let me know what you guys think.

I am a old school mvc2 player. Justin named me one of the best IM in world, if not, the best. He put himself as #1. In the old forums, I posted as superior-tech.

I wasn’t a fan of MVC3, but since it’s being played the most, I casually play it. What turned me off the most was the changes IM received. (eg.) He couldn’t cancel his normals into dashes. In UMVC3, they took a better direction…but he’s still nowhere as well-rounded as he was back then.

So here’s my list of changes…

  1. ground/air dash
    He needs to be able to cancel them into normals. He’s slow and this should of never happened. You’ll never hit someone with ground normals outside of the corner, poking, counter-hits, or converting off assists. Tri-jumps become nearly limited because you can’t convert with dash-in combos after the initial hit. Square jumps are too slow and easily prone to throws.

–allow him to cancel

  1. air dash
    I don’t mind it’s slow speed. He definitely does NOT need it to be faster, nor does he need a double jump. He doesn’t need to be Magneto. IM’s range/quickness on his moves make up for his lack of speed. With the right inputs, he can staircase from anywhere on the screen. He just needs better access to his arsenal. If I were to nitpick, let the dashes move at the same speed. All his ADs have different speeds (eg.) up vs down, up vs forward, up/forwards vs back, etc…

–allow him to cancel, make ADs same speed

  1. smart bombs
    In Mvc2, this was a staple move. Quick startup, quick recovery, double projectile, controllable trajectory, and EASY INPUT. It was perfect for his neutral game. You can even compare it to a Cable grenade/Akuma double fireball/Mag magnetic blast.

The SBs itself *fell *slower and had a bigger hitbox. The slow fall-speed allowed IM to startup an offense or cover his SJ. He would be almost completely safe falling down with an attack.

Mvc3 doesn’t allow this because its startup is slow and the fall-speed is too fast. It becomes nearly useless outside of OTG combos, and keeping IM in the air longer. IM can’t convert with anything if they hit while he’s in the air. And as of now, the damage is nowhere near the risk.

–(BACK+attack+S) falls closer to IM
–(attack+S) falls mid screen
–(FWD+attack+S) fall nearly full screen (Mvc3’s SBs+C has shit distance)
–make all SBs startups/recovery the same (and make it quicker than Mvc3’s SBs+A)
–fall-speed is slower (similar to dooms photon shot),
–bigger hitbox

If he gets those changes, I probably won’t even need anything else. SBs were that good.

  1. cr. MK
    It’s a great new move in Mvc3. I abuse it like hell. Though I HATE that u can’t KrisK at max distance. It would be more viable if the initial hit’s pushback didn’t go as far. It doesn’t need the forward trajectory like Mag’s. Thats asking for too much.

–on hit: pulls characters closer, or makes them fall less further

  1. standing HP
    In Mvc2 you could nullify projectiles. Not too major, but it helped in projectile wars. Just doesn’t seem right without the original properties.

–nullifies projectiles

  1. Launcher/S
    This has to be one of my hugest disappointments. In Mvc2, IM didn’t have the best melee game. He was too slow to compete. Launcher was an ACE in the sleeve. 2 frames, large vertical, small hurt-box, avoided lows, and safe when fly-cancelled. If you ever played IM as a counter attacker (as he should), this 1 move covered all the melee you’ll ever need.

Probably sounds a lil too OP…but in Mvc3, it works. If you want to get dirty, bring back all it’s properties. If not, I’ll settle for…

–faster startup, fly-cancellable

RepulsarB is a great move, I love it. But if it’s chicken blocked or you’re cornered…you’re screwed. This would be another option as an anti-air. If it hits, you get a combo. If it’s blocked, you fly-cancel to safety. If you fly-cancel unknowingly and it hits…you don’t get a combo but you’re safe. I think it’s fair. Repulsar isn’t always safe and you’re prone to air throws with jumping anti-airs.

  1. st. MK
    Launcher doesn’t go over lows. So make st. MK do it. I rarely ever use this move. This is mainly for variety.

–increase hitbox, decrease hurtbox, avoids lows

  1. d+HP aka Missle
    Not much change here. Good space control tool, but could be better. Why does it go at a d/fwd trajectory? I don’t know.

*–straight horizontal trajectory to control space better
–increase hit-stun to combo into unibeam/PC
–hard knockdown??? I’ll just throw that in there. *

  1. PC
    Damage sucks compared to Mvc2, but he doesn’t really need it. Increasing damage too much could be OP’d…seeing how RepB and SBs don’t scale. I would increase chip though.

–increase chip
–safe on hit! or spin-knockdown

  1. PC upwards
    This shit I don’t get. I don’t see any uses for this move outside of DHCing in a combo after certain supers. It would be better suited if its startup, recovery, dmg was better…similar to Akuma’s. I don’t agreen with that, cuz I think that’s just lazy. I suggest scrapping it and getting a whole new super, but I know that’ll never happen.

–decrease startup dramatically
–increase damage dramatically, or wall bounce, with hard knockdown

  1. Assists
    Since PC-up is such a shit move, make PC-fwd the default for THCs.

  2. Kneedive
    I loved this move back then. Quicker that d/fwd+HP, great speed, high priority, small hurtbox, and great for crossups. This move would be similar to Doom’s ambiguous Footdive crossups without the groundbounce. I think it should retain all of it’s old properties. Make IM bounce back on hit, allow him to cancel into AD, fly, specials, and make him unable to block after the attack.

I haven’t seen a lot of IM users use this move back then, but you can jump+call assist, kneedive x dash, (crossover opponent), cancel the dash x fly (IM faces other side), and combo/mixup from there.

I just dont know how they’d bring this move back, considering it’s command was down+HKick. Down+S=exchange. D+C=d/f beam. D+2 attack=dash. He can do without it, but it would a great tool if they brought it back

His old MvC2 “B&B” j.lp, j.mk, j.lk, j.hp, rinse, repeat.

This. This is the stupidest thing when Ironman shoots a big box of blue plasma right in front of him and it doesn’t nullify but for some reason Vergil can cut fireballs.

*Please *- no patch! We’d lose Ironman’s infinite.

How does that Dieminion BT shirt go?


All I want is double jump back, then iron man can hit confirm better.

FORGET THIS I WANT HIS TRIANGLE DASH HE HAD IN VANILLA! Ticked me off when they took it away in Ultimate.

When people ask for air mobility changes I don’t think they realize how much a better a ground dash would compliment his existing air movement and gameplan. It would make your go to normals of j.S, j.H and c.M that much more effective. A better ground dash really is the most important thing he needs. I realize I realize I sound like a broken record at this point but it would help his hit confirm game so much. I hate having to spend 3 meters to kill a character with no health left because c.M, s.H xx L Unibeam xx Iron Avenger is my only option.

Ahah, yes, it’s a bit overkill :slight_smile:
Stylish though.
But this topic is about making IM win, not style ^^
With a better dash or more range on S, the max range c.M combos would no longer be a problem.
My main struggle with him, it’s not getting openings, but knowing if i can go for the combo or not (midscreen). The pace of the game is so fast, and the c.m maxrange isn’t always clear.
I hve to practice more^^

You’re doing it wrong as usual.

Patch confirmed from Combofiend to never be coming out, we’ll never be able to cancel his ground dash. Never ever.

Only thing I’d wish for would be for him to have his double jump again.

Can’t his ground dash be canceled at any frame with jump?

Not terribly useful for going on offense.

You can jump cancel into specials at any point, but it would be nice be able to go in with a cr.l.