What better to play doom with? Rush Down Or Chip Damage?

when i play with doom or see other people play with doom theres sometimes a confusion of how to play with doom most people say chip em’ till they lose,but its good but has its flaws,some people say rush the oppenent down with doom,but usually theres no time time to rushdown if youre facing some strider/doom/sent or some MSP team since u get rush down badly…i want to know what is doom major priorty to chip or to rush or both,post comments or strats u mite have

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Rushdown or Zone?

It depends where you are in the match.

The beginning of the match I usually try to rushdown and gain meter for the APA xx Hail. At the end of a match, depending if I have the lead or not I’ll usually zone and runaway or rushdown.

just mix it up a bit. IF u keep doing the same shit then ur doom will die. @_@ learn to rush, run, zone all around. I normally play an aggresive doom tho. that’s mainly due because i have an offensive mind set…

Rush Doom is amazing. However, it is overlooked because everyone thinks hes just good for assist. You should watch viscant play with doom/storm/ken or cyc.

There arent enough doom players out there, everyone just abuses his assist just like capcom, and people now thing hes a piece of crap just there for traps.

He can hang with the top 4 if played correctly.

Its hard to do a rushdown against MSP. Alot of the time, I have plently of meter, and their KOed their first and close to the second, so why not just use a few specials to chip it to death and swtich to someone more useful? Especially if their Cable is on 1/4 life. Who wouldn’t chip him to death if you have Max meter? Its alot easier to play against the last character with a full Doom bar and Full assist bar with 50 seconds to go. Rather then risk your opp finding an opening. I like to Doom rushdown, but it has to be against something at his speed without the threat of chaining assist to the current opp character. Otherwords, I don’t put my complete faith in Doom. I’d rather zone if the game hasn’t slanted to a side yet. You can zone a flying sentiniel from the ground if you’re quick, and then switch back to zoning from the higher point. Keep zoning low and high tho otherwise it gets a little stale.

This is a little trick i use to switch back and forth between keep away, zoning and rushdown doom. Most experienced players know that little arial HK foot stomping thing cancled into photon shots but if you really want to throw people off and are looking for a way to change the momentum then do this. It takes a little practice to get it to work and once it does youll always use it.
Basically you just do a normal jump IMMEDIATELY canceled into the HK footstomp which is then IMMEDIATELY canceled into the arial photon super. You have actually done this but the important thing is the instantaneous canceling of each move to the next. The reason this move is so good is not because of the speed since doom has the tiger knee motion photon shot off the ground but it is the awkward tempo of this move that will instill fear into any rushdown freak, even a good magento player. Once you master it, there is another level which is that there are actually tiny variations in timing which at first you will regaurd as mistakes but can easilly be used to set the tone for a match in your favor. Basically if you practice this you will be able to mesh some of dooms best rushdown tactics with his air superiority. Im sure some of you reading this have probably done variations of this but to get it to run smoothly in a match and vary the way you cancel the jump to HK to photon shot is very difficult to do but if used correctly can instill fear in rushdown teams that almost always makes them follow up with a jump in attack in which case i ussually wave dash under them super jump photon shot to their back side. If you do get it to work, dont abuse it, by itself the best it can do against a good opponent is temporarily confuse them. IMO it wokrs bet for getting damage with a quick verticle super. I prefer Ken AA and commando AA
Edit: It is a hell of alot easier to learn if you dash forward but that can get to predictable, so once you get that down try dashing backward to get it off. Doing it without the dash seriously took me a long time to learn.