What are your PSN MvC2 top 10 players?

here is my top 10

1- credot1337

i haven’t run into any of them yet, hopefully they don’t mind if i send them a friend request so i can battle amongst them… thanks for the list g


he’s the man!

i dont think suken is good enought to beat the top 4 , i mean he is very good but not good enought to beat them

im guessing you guys havnt played Digital_zoo? :confused:

digital_zoo owns tio_cruzito and everyone on the list for free.

have you played credot1337? that guy is really sick , if digital can beat credot then he deserves the first place for sure:wow:

I played him , credot is nice dont get me wrong , but Digital_Zoo is just as good, and he has beaten credot in the past I mean OCV’ing credot is saying somethig no?

wait wait wait … is there a better player than credot ??? i need to chck that uy out!

Digital_zoo doesnt play alot anymore. Hasnt signed in in 2 months.

I’ve played them both and I would say Credot is better. I’m pretty sure I can beat Digital_Zoo in a FT10 since I’ve streaked him and Renique plenty of times and I’m on pad. pad/stick/gameshark won’t save me from Credot’s MSP though =(

Anyway…someone play me: Cronoxten

me too , its hard to believe , i thought credot was the best one on psn (mvc2) and i still think that until i see digital playing

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