What are your preferences in fighting game button schemes?

What are your preferences when it comes to input schemes in fighting games? Do you prefer SF(3xP&K), KoF(2xP&K), ABC (weak, medium, strong), etc.? Do you prefer having your normals and specials spread across many buttons or having them confined to a few? Does any of this actually matter to you?

Now obviously some games are better suited to a given layout. That aside, I am curious to find out what peoples’ preferences are on this.

I’m an SNK set-up guy, m’self. Elegant, and fits most modern controllers. ABC is my second favorite. While I grew up on SF set-up, the last thing I’d ever do is make a 6-button fighting game (not counting bindings).

Six buttons. Naturally, it gives the most options. SNK style is OK, 3 buttons feel too limited.

When I started playing SF, I didn’t know about the usual button configuration (started with GGPO) and used kicks on top and punches on the bottom. I had a really hard time adjusting to the proper configuration afterwards lol.

6 Buttons.


5 buttons, GG style.

Useless thread
GG style
6 is obnoxious, 5 is ok

My preference is that the button scheme allows me to play the game.

MvC2 has ruined SF for me, i cant even play it anymore. i keep trying to double tap lp lol

Who cares what your preference is? Don’t make this kind of thread on SRK FGD. If you’ve got some rocket science reasoning behind why it matters or what you’re trying to learn, that’s awesome, but otherwise – hit up the newbie dojo if you need this non-informative level of opinion.