What are your Championship Records and XP

I have 18505XP W=championship wins RU=Runner ups MXP=most xp gained
G1 W 4 RU 6 MXP 884804
G2 W 48 RU 70 MXP 130967
G3 W 14 RU 10 MXP 7308

I just wanted to know how other SRK members are doing in Championship mode to help guage my own ability. And help others mabye guage their ability a little too. I know online isnt shit but I’m using the word little, it helps a little…lol


Champion is crap, the points and G1 grade dont mean shit, 80% suck at G1, thats why I get points fast. I am now G1-B 44000 GP

yeah I get points fast too I pretty much never loose until the third or fourth bracket, so thats always at least 50 to 110 xp at a time. I dont really play championship that much, but stats do mean something reguarding skill level even online. because a player who can adapt isn’t going to lose that much because his one attack isnt working right or something online like that…

champion mode and online is a joke. I have 70 , 000 gp and have played everyone in Sg and there all terrible

not really true, i know of quite a few sg players on ps3 that are very good. i’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re from uk, and as such you probably don’t get good connections with some north american players, so the search function built into the game probably doesn’t even pick up on half of the player’s signals, so you’d never see them.

I just hit G2-D but I’ve only had the PC version since December.

Online’s shit though, Turbo electricity blanka all day long.