What are the uses for yoga mummy/spear and yoga flame?

I’ve been playing Dhalsim for a few weeks and I’m struggling to find ways to use all of these moves properly.

I use LK yoga spear a lot to escape from corners, I know it’s risky but it does confuse people and works most of the time anyway. I just used that from when I started playing and only really just though of using yoga mummy instead, seeing as if they jump into it they will take more damage I guess. I was looking at Dhalsims frame data though and it says yoga mummy has “Pursuit Property,” does this mean it will go towards at other player ratehr than over them anyway?

Also I was wondering what uses people have found for different versions of yoga spear as well and also when to use yoga flame? I have found it quite useful against jump happy T Hawks and Chun Lis but I find j.mp/j.hk and their back versions better, at least against a jumping Chun Li.

I honestly see no use for yoga Mummy really if I use it its usually a messed up teleport command, but it does air stun the opponent if they’re hit in the air and with proper timing it can land you a free U1 but this timing (and accuracy) is too acute to really practice. Plus the hitbox is focused on Dhalsim’s head and shoulders its really slow and easily able to be punished. But it can also act just like a slower lk spear and it’s decent priority on the hitbox make it a somewhat safe escape move.

I too use the lk to escape and reset after a knockdown on my opponent but it’s a little risky still because the can hit you out of it rather easy.

The hk spear is excellent for baiting attacks after a quick knockdown. Just touch ground as they wake up and perform a wake up move and then punish. or to keep distance dodging fireballs when you don’t wanna move forward too much.

That’s how I use em anyway

It’s very easy to link super from an air to air yoga mummy. If you hit a grounded opponent with the tip of your mummy you can link into super with that, as well.

Yoga mummy beats most of Rufus’ air to air options.

Depending on your reflexes, I’ve been having fun tormenting a local Honda player with instant jump back mummmy in reaction to his random midscreen headbuts.

Yoga flame can be combo’d into from b.mk and b.hp (lp and mp/ex versions respectively) or on reaction to Rog’s ex dash punches (or similar moves, like Cammy’s spin knuckle or other blatantly obvious rather horrible randomly thrown out special moves. (though it’s generally best to throw Rog)). Hp flame is good to use as a wakeup attack against a dictator with no ultra, too. (or at least it was, haven’t tested it against the new Psycho Crusher).