What are the ports for XBL for SF4

Sorry… did a search and couldn’t find a definitive answer.

I’m sure it’s been posted, maybe someone can post me in the right direction. Thanks

They’re not SF4 specific, XBL games in general use the following:

* TCP 80
* UDP 88
* UDP 3074
* TCP 3074
* UDP 53
* TCP 53


oh ok… thank you!

i fix mine last week and search around when to xbox.com then I came here to this site they right ports and link to how to open ports for SFIV this and has has both guide but the same except for a few steps. I tried this few things 1st using the xbox test didn’t work and last tried the linked site port forward.com think that the name and when i run the test it work and i can my SFIV friend now that could play before


link tohttp://www.portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/XBOX360_Street_Fighter_IV/XBOX360_Street_Fighter_IVindex.htm this is one I use I have netgear router btw

I’m still not able to connect to some other players… getting the cannot connect message

maybe its them?

Do a network test and see if you are on strict nat.

That’s the most common problem i’ve encountered.

If so turn off router for circa 5-10 min and then try again.

Usually fix it for me.

thanks that seems to have done it!

nope lol it still says unable to participate… but it seemed to be good on my end from the test… so maybe it’s the others

There are a number of reasons why you get that message. One of the most
common is that someone else joins the game before you do. The refresh on
those lists is slow.