What are the differences between the console 3S and Arcade?

Im no Street Fighter expert. Just been playing the series since its inception in 1987. I was told earlier today that the Dreamcast version is the worst of the ports and I was wondering why thats the case. Thanks!

I may be wrong, but I think the only differences in the recent console ports is the speed of the game. Ps2 is closer to arcade speed and xbox is faster???

I’m unsure about the DC version.

both PS2 and Xbox are arcade perfect. only DC is not.

The Dreamcast version lacks the ability to perform unblockable set-ups… Aegis, Yagou-Dama, etc… also some claim that the version suffers from input lag, but as far as I know that’s still being debated. I think other stuff has also been mentioned regarding the damage scaling of Genei Jin combos… and I’m sure I’m missing a some other stuff too. Bottom line is most people hate the DC version for various reasons.

As far as the PS2 and Xbox versions, I’ve never noticed any differences but I’m sure there are some as console ports, to my recollection, never seem to truly arcade perfect, despite what the developers and publishers may tell you.

There are some parry timing differences on the DC port, too. The most apparent (to me) is Remy’s SA1. On DC, it’s 1234567, whereas on others, it’s 12.34.567.

I play the console version at home and the arcade version over at the arcade.

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DC is messed up: different hitboxes (Dudley LP MGB juggles don’t work properly in example), different damage on some things (like Yun’s Palm during GJ does less), unblockables don’t work and worst of all there’s input lag.

PS2 and Xbox are fine to play, but there are small differences as well. They are slightly faster than arcade, can’t notice that on sight but you can feel the difference on hitconfirms or any combo with strict timing. Not hard to adjust to, but it’s different.
Unblockables (when you put guard judgment as “old”) kinda “work” but not in the same way as arcade version A (as in they’re actually blockable, just extremely hard to do since you have to switch blocking side insanely fast). Urien’s eventually going to guard break you, but often the “guard break” comes later than on arcade, and that alone can make a cHP get blocked when it hits in time on arcade. Also thanks to this, Ibuki’s UB does not work (but’s a minor thing for her).
Oro’s Tengu Stone behaves differently on console, rocks/garbage follows his moves more steadily so there are less gaps between hits - that makes non-EX tengu pressure stronger on console than on arcade.
Gouki’s f+MP is unthrowable on arcade but it’s throwable on console
I’ve never seen slowdown on Yang’s EX slashes (it happens quite often on arcade)
Game freezing glicthes are gone on console (that’s a good thing :P)

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it’s either the input lagging on DC, or the hit stun being lower, because i SWEAR, no matter how much I play, I can hit confirm c.mk with chun 95%+ on PS2 / arcade, and only about 50% on DC.

it’s input lag, you can see that with parries and juggles easily, hitstun is not a matter there and the timings are still quite different

ok, i thought so, but thats’ cool.

uhh i do it 1234567 on arcade/ps2 all the time

for real just mash forward

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