What are the differences between Alpha 2 and Alpha 2 Gold?

Outside of Cammy, the EX characters, and Evil Ryu.

Alpha 2 is an amazing game, I play it when I’m home and play Alpha 3 Max when I’m out (or slacking off at work). It’s great how different the two are on that one isn’t a simple upgrade of the other.

Anyways, what are the big differences?

rolentos “pogo” in the air has a “bounce” in A2 gold when you land but in a2 its just a normal that you can combo into or use to cancel your wall hops.

Alpha counters are 1 and 1/2 meters each.

There are lots. I have the “All about Alpha 2 Gold,” book at home from japan. I’ll write more about when I get home and have a chance to look at it tonight.

Off the top of my head.

All FB’s do less damage.

Ryu, Red fireball new motion, more frames

Nerfed Priority on many moves for Chun & Adon.

Adon level one super always jumps at end, even on block.

Big recovery hit box on Shoto sweeps.

Sim gets yoga tempest (big ass super flame).

Gen gets different jumps between forms. His touch of death is better (counts faster does more life).

Guy, New Super.

That is all I can remeber for now.

I fact there is an entire book called “All About Street Fighter Zero 2” which lists all differences between the two games. So, that’s a quite long list…

Does anyone have the list of changes from the All About Street Fighter Zero 2 book? My arcade has both Zero 2 and Zero 2 Alpha and both gets regular play often. It’ll be useful to have a grasp of what are the changes between the two versions since I’m always alternating between the two versions.

If a translated list is not available, just give me a scan of the parts on the changes from the book and I’ll try helping to translate the list and post it here. I’m sure this information will be useful to some people.

A copy/paste from Gamefaqs. Pertains to arcade version, regarding the chun c.forward buffer, in the saturn version it would still link to super.

>SFZ2A Additions & Changes<

The game engine itself has several tweaks from SFZ2/SFA2.

The main changes are:

  • Zero Counters weakened and now take 1.5 super meter bars rather than 1
  • Several added moves (indicated by * before move name)
  • New game modes, Dramatic Battle, Survival Mode, Shin Gouki Mode
  • Original/Custom Combo (CCs) command changed from 2P+1K/2+1P to HP + HK
  • Valle CCs changed and CCs as a whole weakened.
  • Outfit colors chosen by any P/K button and not combinations
  • Added Satsui no Hadou Ryu, Special Sakura, Classic Chun-Li, SSF2 chars
  • Sidearms win icon when you win by using a Taunt.

New Moves

Dhalsim: Yoga Stream (Super Move)
Guy: Bushin Musou Renge (Level 3 Super Move)
Ryu: Red Fireball (Special Move)
Sagat: Angry Charge (Super Taunt)
Sakura: Sakura Otoshi (Special Move)
Sodom: Tengu Walking (Reversal)

>Additional Tweaks<

The following information was posted by Spirited_Away in the Shoryuken.com
forums. I cannot verify everything here, but I’ve edited out the information
listed elsewhere.

General System changes

  • ACs do less damage.
  • As mentioned CCs have lesser freeze state frames
  • Some characters CCs don’t do much damage, while others are still deadly.


  • CC’s useless
  • More recovery on his specials
  • Super damage increased


  • Turn punch do extra hits depending on charge
  • Priorities decreased


  • Lost her low forward buffer.
  • Lighting kicks no longer useful in CCs (opponent are juggled upwards).


  • Ken gained a new close standing RH kick.
  • Shinryuken range decreased.
  • Shoryureppa does more damage.


  • Priorities decreased
  • Unblockable bug removed
  • Yoga air throw super can be comboed after a buffered air-counter.
    (Timing is very critical)


  • His taunt hits


  • All Flash kicks are air blockable (even short version)
  • Damage on CCs and Supers reduced.
  • Delay on Sonic Break Supers & Sonic Booms is very very short.
  • Standing strong and forward are not reliable as Anti-Airs anymore.


  • Damage reduced on all specials
  • Gained jumping hop
  • Most reduced CC damage in the game…virtually useless
  • Bomb from taunt damages now


  • Gained Red fireball
  • Fireballs damage during CCs decreased.


  • Taunt increases damage (15% extra), invincible on early frames
  • Tiger crush hits differenly (hit box changed?)
  • Better damage on Tiger Blow
  • Tiger Genocide damage increased
  • Reduced CC damage


  • Does less damage


  • His jump is high like in SF2’s
  • Headstomp hits on wakeups now


  • SPDs not instant, and it’s harder to tick
  • Siberian bear hug no longer auto-grab
  • Lariat hit boxes changed (no longer useful against Dhalsim’s limbs)
  • CC still damaging

wish they put a2 gold on ggpo

no you dont


oh yeah there are no load times except for the begnning maybe that the only thing i notce

can you still do an unblockable CC in Gold? Is the timing more strict or you just can’t do it at all anymore?

About Z2A; what’s the main difference between the version in the SFZ Anthology for English and the original arcade JP version?