What Are Some Solo Incoming Mix-Ups?

So I’ve been liking my Hawkeye anchor, but I’m wondering what kind of solo incoming mixups people use with Hawkeye? Mine are mostly along the lines of sending out an explosive arrow and doing a Trick Manœuvre H.

Does anyone have other setups?

Well for me it depends on a few things:
When i got xfc 3 i do like ; dp L 2x (for the right timing) dp M , (opponent is in blockstun) qcb H , M.
The exploding arrow will push the opponent outside of the corner so you can cross him up.
On chars like vergil/dr strange/ frankwest who dont really got a option but to block when they come in i just stand in the corner and use crossunder st.M , or you just stay in front.
Thats it really i can’t think of more incoming with hawk.
Hope it helps

Thanks, that was very helpful!