What are some of Dormammu's weaknesses?/ How do I beat this guy?

Hey guys, I faced a really good Dormammu the other day and he just tore my team apart. His tri-dash is really good and coupled with the flame carpet, he has his own unblockable. Pretty much all this dorm did was call sent drones and use them as cover to make dorms normals and such safe. Then from full screen he uses “the sufferer” then teleports for that full screen mixup. I’m really not sure how to deal with him.

When a character is coming in he uses the flame carpet and drones to occupy you then does his tridash L and its a free combo. I’m not sure If I should snap in dormammu first or just deal with wesker first. (The team im facing is wesker/dormammu/sentinel) Any advice would be extremely helpful.

Well for the unblockable, you should pushblock the flame carpet and his trijump will be pushed away.Its alot easier to escape from in this game.

Other than that, hes doing really solid stuff which has no ‘counter’ per say. Sent drones seem to be the root of your problem, does hawkeye greyhound shot assist beat drones startup? I know from personal experience that Hawkeye on point rapes drones assists so maybe you should start hawkeye.

****[SIZE=3]What are some of Dormammu’s weaknesses. i do not know how to fight him when he is playing a zoning game and a offenses game at the same time ****[/SIZE]

I played someone in Apex using sentinel drones assist and my Hawkeye greyhound shot assist beat the drones every time.

You can’t beat him!


will taskmaster work

I’m not sure why no one saw this coming day 1. He was solid in Vanilla and got nothing but buffs so now hes broken. Yes hes broken. There is really not much you can do against him if you have certain characters. He can outzone a TON of characters, has high health, high damage, and is fast as well as a ton of unpunishable normals. In all honesty I find him more broken than Wesker.


He’s very, very strong, but so are 15 other characters, each with their own strengths. If he sets up his zoning and has the team for it, yes, it’s going to be really hard to get in without losing half your life to chip, and even then you might let him get away. If he’s playing it rushdown and you’re not somewhere awkward to hit-confirm for him, you’re going to eat a tridash normal or a beam assist + teleport into a full damaging combo. If you haven’t seen his welcome setups before you’re going to eat them and die, but that’s the truth for almost every character. That’s Marvel, it’s not like anyone else is surprised there’s stupidly strong stuff in this game.

Here are general ways to beat Dorm that I’ve seen:

  1. A lot of characters can use naked :s: to punish any of his naked teleports. NEVER try to block a covered teleport as any smart Dorm is going to make your life hell with cross-ups. Instead, do either a charging star, S&S or anything that will hit him and eat the beam. As a Task player, I always charging star or spidey swing to punish Dorm teleports or just even trade to avoid getting comboed.

  2. Dorm has a slower tri-jump that most but many people think it’s fast because they think Dorm is slow (if that makes sense). As soon as you see him take to the air, go for air throws or use fast air normals as you’ll probably beat out his slower normals. Against a good Dorm, you’ll probably have to sell-out a bit and say “Either he TOD’s me or I TOD him”

  3. His zoning actually sucks against fast projectiles, so call Hawkeye and move in with charging star. That way you can close the gap quickly safely (unless he starts throwing flames out which you can counter with Hyper CS).

Regarding the drones, always try to stay above the drones as you eliminate the high low (and most left-rights with AG) by doing this. One good habit to get into is as soon as you hear the sentinel assist being called, simply sj toward him and smack sentinel to make the drones appear. Better to go for the assist than Dorm in this case as Dorm’s ability to save assists results in him burning meter.

Hope that helps

As a pretty regular Dormmamu player what is it that I’m missing about the guy? I mean, I like playing as him, but I honestly think he’s the most overrated character in the game. Flame carpet is a joke against anyone who can teleport, fly, has armor, or who has super fast startup on their moves so that they can get to him before it gets out. In other words, about 70 percent of the cast—or more importantly–100 percent of the top tier cast. Dark matter teleport mixups are nice except for one little problem, unlike the sparda twins or wesker, you can throw Dorm’s ass out of his (slow) teleport like there’s no tomorrow. But that’s not really what makes him overrated. The biggest thing is…startup. Dormmamu has some of the worst start up in the game. Honestly, it’s like he was designed for a game like Mvc2 or Third Strike where everyone has to think before they do a move because of the risks. This is UMVC3 where characters like Wolverine, Dante, and Wesker can do what the hell they want when they want because their moves come out in 2 frames. And while he does have good projectiles/keepaway that’s not really an issue in a game where 90% of the cast has a level one projectile invincible super or a teleport. I don’t know am I the only one that things Dorm actually isn’t top tier? I mean Vergil, Wesker, Dante, Spencer, Wolverine, Cap, leveled up Frank, etc. all slaughter him.

^He’s basically the MvC3 equivalent of Blackheart. Will still be relevant but just can’t hang with the top, top characters.

As for Dormammu’s placement on the tier list, yup, definitely overrated. Probably higher mid tier. But, Dorm is awesome nonetheless, just a bit unbalanced one way or the other.

I personally hate his startup, and hate how he plays up close, unless he’s putting them in a tridash-initiated blockstring. I still say he’s amazing when you have him second and can constantly set him up at either fullscreen or with an incoming mixup, both positions are good for him, and I don’t mind teleporters when his j.H hits behind him, sometimes I get a lucky bait when they give me a chance to move around, and if they’re teleporting mid-blockstring or such, I’d be as inconvenienced no matter what character I’m playing. He’s that kind of character who can work really well off momentum, but can’t actually start it, I feel.

But, decent solution, try Haggar. Lariat assist literally just slows the game down to whatever pace you want it at. Then give him a good beam and he works point and against a lot more matchups. I bet Dorm/Haggar (yes, even with Dorm point, helps Haggar get incoming mixups/actually play his game once you kill the first character, sometimes he can’t get things started) or the more traditional Haggar/Dorm with Magneto, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Doom Plasma, or even Arthur or Shuma, would all work great. If we can’t have a toptier character in Dorm, all the more reason to give him godlike assists to cover his ass.

As a cap player dorm gives me hell. Yes CS blows through projectiles, but it’s never that simple. Carpet, back tridash means I have to do heavy CS into hyper to even reach and will likely be blocked. Proper carpet drops and run away make it really hard for cap to get at him with out taking huge risks. The hardest part really is just getting in a range you can work with, backing him into a corner doesn’t help because that teleport of his is retardedly safe since it’s too far away to insta air grab before they’re allowed to tech and raw :s: is strict timing to not face the wrong way or get blocked. Dorm’s normals also beat all of Caps, even the dreaded anti-ground kick.

I really don’t think dorm is underrated. I think he’s top 5 actually :/. Even though he has weaknesses his strengths easily make up for it. I think his runaway is just OP as shit with that teleport since you call an assist and can just keep back dashing away dropping carpets till you can reestablish zoning. He has bad MUs for sure, but I think in how he plays and his synergy with teammates he’s REALLY strong.

Is your Cap backed by Unibeam assist?


I’d be curious to see some gameplay of you, then, since that team should do well against Dormammu teams.

I think someone in the tier thread mentioned the fact that Dorm really needs Lariat and either Disruptor/Bolts to not get mauled like mad. I don’t know about Bolts since the assist works so much better for tri-dash characters who need to rush down to succeed, when Dorm doesn’t always need to do that.

For Dorm it has the niche of both being able to provide extra towers and charges, somewhat like drones or missiles, yet still has the option of quick teleport crossups, more like disruptor. It plays both roles slightly worse, mind you, but it plays both roles. Sometimes they crouch and it all whiffs, but then they can’t airthrow teleports, or they at least still have to sit still. Sometimes, of course, a team using only bolts and lariat can do nothing against an X-23 wavedash or a Deadpool quick work or something silly, but that’s overcome with care and occasional flame carpets.

The biggest downside to bolts is that it’s not as good as most assists when you’re rapidly tridashing backwards and want to call an assist during. Still, you can get around that.