What are some good high hit non-infinite combos

I like Iron man and the one thing I wanna learn is not infinite mainly but some highflying combos in the air so if you know any please share.

trijump [lk, mk, hp], land, dash-in, c.lp, c.lk, c.mp, s.hk, sj., sj.[lp, lk, u+hp, u+hk XX ad/uf, lp, u+hp XX fly], f.[lp, lk, mp, u+hp XX hp unibeam]

if in corner fly forward and throw into assist

Works well with Doom’s rocks and Magneto’s capture. You can connect the infinite off both of them after the throw, but you need unfly to do it off Doom.

sj. smartbomb+b, a/d df, j.lk, j.lk, land, c.lk, c.lk, OTG lk, hk, sj magic series, a/d uf, magic series, uf hp, flight, lk, lk, uf hp, lp unibeam.

are ironman’s resets in the air worthwhile? or are they just for showboating?

They are worth is if you have an AA such as commando to connect and do some additional damage. Other than that, it is kind of predicatable, so you just have to mix up his air resets with the unlfy-mode semi inf…

Quick Question:

The air combo I usually use is:

tri-jump in lk, lk, land, dash in c. lk, c. mp, s. hk, sj. lp, lk, lp, up + hp, air dash up to forward, lk, up + hk, flight, lk, lk, up + hp, Unibeam

Now, sometimes after I do the up + hk and activate flight, my opponent goes flying up into kingdom come and the lk doesn’t connect.

Why is this, and is there anything I can do to correct it?

This combo does work. The problem is that you are using lk. After the u+hk, you want to activate fly, then use wp, wp, u+fp unibeam to finish the combo. I don’t know if the lk connects, but if it does, you want to waite a little before you hit it. The u+hk stuns them enough so that you can fly, then attack them again. Just practice the wp instead of wk. You;ll get it down quick.

hope that helps.


I’ll try it out.

Or you can… aircombo with Ironman, go into fly mode and call in Rogue’s throw assist. That often resets the damage pretty well. For example…

Iron Man: dash in, s.lp, .lk, call Rogue, Rogue hits, wait for her to let go, s.rk, magic series [don’t finish with a fierce/roundhouse hit] xx Fly mode, call rogue… do it over.

I found this combo works very well, without much timing involved…

launch, sj, lp, lk, u+fp xx dash uf, lp, u+fp xx fly, lp, lk, u+fp xx fp unibeam. does about at least a quarter damage…and it’s easy to mod if you launch an airborn person (ie, catch someone on the other side of their super jump)…you just need to skip the first sj.lk and the rest of the combo will work with the same timing.