What are Seth's holes and weaknesses?

Hello Seth community.
Was wondering what are some holes or weaknesses I can exploit when playing against a Seth?
besides his low health, what else is bad about Seth?
which normals/specials i can punish on block/hit?

very much appreciated.

One of them is located in his stomach.


His main weaknesses are his health and his walk speed IMO

When making a post like this, you should mention what character(s) you play.

Heres a general list of Seth’s weaknesses:

**Bad normals. **(slow pokes, no 3-frame jab/short, 5-frame crouching short, lack of variety, no quick 2-hit move, no overhead, only jabs and close strong have significant frame-advantage on block, etc)
Terrible walk speed.
Long recovery on fireball and a 5-frame SRK.
Large hitbox.
Low range and damage on SPD (having 3 frames of startup instead of 2 doesn’t help either).
Lack of moves to safely close distance.
Being unable to continue mixups after hit-confirming Hyakuretsukyaku.
Lower damage output than most characters.
Lack of “safe” specials.
Nigh complete reliance on mixups.
Inability to apply meaningful pressure to most characters.

Also, you can punish all of his specials on block (except SPD obviously), including Sonicboom depending on spacing.

Here’s his frame-data for reference.

great reply and thanks for the link.

what do you think would be the best way to beat poongko? just in general.

Don’t underestimate him. Poongko’s known for doing SRKs without meter to FADC.

Stay out of SPD and SRK range at all costs. I can’t stress this enough. Seth is significantly less threatening when he’s not in your face. Play footsies and stay on-point with anti-airs. Burn meter if you really need to escape (EX DP FADC back). He might attempt to suck you in with Tanden if he can’t make a way in, but tanden is a free jump combo if you can react to it. Also, tanden is minus frames from long range be aware of that.

Fei-long, Sagat, and Akuma are Seth’s worst matchups IMO. They can easily keep him out and turtle.

Seth can’t really deal with rekkas and he’s vunerable to Fei’s close strong xx roundhouse chicken wing ~ close fierce xx flamekick deadly combo of death.

if i get the hard knockdown on Seth, what are the best options? (i use Ken btw)
i’ve tried safe jump option select ex tatsu and/or ultra 2 and it works but only if seth teleports backwards. but if seth teleports frontwards then i whiff. either that or i get dp’d while trying to safe jump.
so what other options should i consider after getting a hard knockdown?

I believe Ken has unblockable jump-in setups against Seth. There’s probably info on them in the Ken Forum. Use those if you get an untechable knockdown.

Ken is a bad matchup for Seth also. If you’re having a fireball war against Seth, be careful when if he dashes forward from slightly closer than full-screen with 1 meter. Seth can punish fireballs on reaction with EX legs from that distance. He’ll probably try walking forward to bully you into the corner, so don’t let him. Seth doesn’t have a good answer to your Step Kick other than focus. On the subject of focus attacks, Seth’s has a ton of range. He’ll start his SRK/SPD mixup if you block it. Crouching forward xx Sonic Boom FADC is another move Seth can use to get close and do damage in footsie range.

You’re probably doing the option selected motion too early or not doing true safe jumps. If you perform it correctly, the tatsu or ultra will autocorrect and go the right way. I’m not sure how realistic it is, but for optimum option select training, play ST for a while.

This means you fucked up the safe jump timing, as you probably know.

Honestly, since I agree with xlxlxlxl, your optimum gameplan is keeping Seth out, so a meaty fireball for the chip damage is the best option, imo.

If you want/need to play agressive, there are the universal options of a delayed crouch tech on his wakeup or a meaty crouch tech with OS U2. Exception is the forward throw knockdown, in which case you should try the unblockable because even if you fail it’s a really ambiguous jump in.

youre right otori about fucking up my safejump timing. i just have not mastered the 4 or 5 frame safejump yet but i will practice that in the lab tonight since EVO is tomorrow. in the case that i do play Poongko in my pool, i want to be as prepared as possible but im not going to count my eggs since i have to get through 14 other people in my pool.
wish me luck and thanks again for the input.

You’re in pool 58 with Poongko?

Chung-gon “Poongko” Lee
Super Street Fighter IV
Station 1, Friday, 02:00 PM
Pool 58
Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Station 12, Saturday, 08:00 AM
Pool 12

Holy shit Poongko is playing Marvel?!?! I’ve never seen footage of him except that week 1 stuff against Infiltration.

If it makes you feel better, technically it’s only about 4 or 5 people you need to get past. Fortunately, the pools aren’t round robins.

well darn. i went 2-2. had i won my 3rd match i wouldve fought poongko on the stream. oh well, i had fun at least. poongko is an amazing seth.

To beat Seth, pick fei long. His worth match up…

i think a crippling problem, atleast for new comers like myself, are the freaking shortcuts! you hav eto be very clean with your inputs or you could get a whiff SPD >Death