What arcade sticks do Kazunoko and Nemo use? Best arcade stick on the market rn post-MCZ? Panthera?

Hey guys I’m in the market for a new arcade stick rn. I currently own a MCZ TE and TE2+but am looking to add a new stick to the collection. Two of my favorite players for SFV (and SF4) are Kazunoko and Nemo. Idk what Nemo uses but I know it looks like Kaz has always used the Hori RAP (is he using the V now? Or that uber expensive Vewlix one? Can’t get a good look). Was wondering if that’s what he uses and if he’s kept the Hayabusa parts or swapped out for Sanwa.

Also alternatively I was thinking about picking up a Razer Panthera but after Capcom Cup 2-3 years ago (Momochi’s Atrox died on him mid match grand finals) I’ve been skeptical about going Razer but I’m a big fan of Infiltration and I know he uses one plus it comes standard with Sanwa parts which I like.

As a whole what are some of the best sticks out on the market rn with the least amount of lag?

custom sticks are the best in terms of quality. jasen, AFS and etokki to name a few.

On all of the major manufacturers, “lag” is negligible to the point that players won’t notice it.

Pick whichever case you prefer, or get a custom with a Brook board. Either way, you’re gold.