What anti air to use for a vega?

Hey guys i just started playing Cody and im having a bit of bother with my friend who plays Claw/Vega. I was just wondering what the best anti air we have for when he does his shennanigans and crosses you up. b. Strong works well against pretty much anyting he does jump wise if he stays in front of you but as soon as he goes behind i feel like i have no good anti airs for it, ive had some success with ex zonk but i feel the timing needs to be perfect and u dont always have ex to blow. I saw Pie Chin against zeus and all he seemed to do was jump back with mid kick, sometimes it worked but a lot of the times Zeus just grabbed him for the izuna. Any ideas?

Posting response here in matchup thread: "We finished practicing now?" Cody Match-up Thread :slight_smile: