What animal should Gouken's costume be?

What do you think Gouken’s animal costume should be? Let’s hear 'em :smile:

I think Akuma’s should be a rat :smiley:

clearly the correct answer is rhino

Rhino? Well, I can certainly see what you mean…

they should make him a baby knock off Godzilla…with a cutout for his face and mittens with the feet on em too

Polar Bear

haha, polar bear actually sounds really good (because of all the white hair?)

This isn’t really the case anymore after the Ultra buffs to Gouken, but my immediate thought was that Gouken’s costume should be a duck, since he used to be such a sitting duck in his past four incarnations…

I still think a duck face on the old master would’ve looked funny, though, as a throwback to the pain we went through prior to Ultra…

kabuki theatre gouken!

I think Owl was suggested on reddit… could be cool? I just imagine him as a Turtle though since he’s always been meant to be played that way.

Gouken has always been calm like a Koala.

Akuma can be the Tasmanian Devil.

hmmm… I think a badger would fit his personality.

A Yak




What is he supposed to be? Just looks like a Mr. Karate cameo.

Thats a tengu. Bird dudes who to introduced mankind to the martial arts.

looks good

He should be a tortoise, once he’s on his back he’s done for.

I mean sh!t, now it’s 2 costumes with clunky items dangling around.

That one seems more like summer vacation than the animal itself

I just realized today, that the Tengu costume makes it look like Gouken is about to play the drum when he wins the match.

A garden gnome. That’s what he should have been.