What am I doing wrong in SFV?

I don’t get it, I’m constantly getting beat by what seems like people smashing their stick like a xylophone and I have no idea what to do about it. Whether it’s mashing DP’s or mashing any normal, I can’t seem to get a hit in.

I’ll eventually hit a MP to punish something but NOPE, everything is safe and I get beaten out by a mashed DP after their string. It’s ridiculous, I like the game but it feels like everyone is just playing without even thinking… Just doing stuff, how are you supposed to play against people that are doing random stuff?

You don’t know what’s safe and what’s punishable.

Well I just played against a Laura and an R.Mika and after every blocked string or special A LP wouldn’t even hit… Thy just mash something else out and it beats my LP, I don’t get it

Add Nash to that list

In SFIV you actually had to think about what your opponent would do and what you can do to react or to control it but in this its just one massive block string that you have to try and mash your way out of apparently

I’ve solved my problem I’m just gonna main Ken and mash DP’s all day long to get ultra silver like all these other c****s

Or you should learn to block and punish.

Read what I put you absolute melt and get off your high horse.

The reason why I’m calling them block strings is because I am blocking them. The problem I’m having is that everything is f*****g safe.

The only things that seem punishable are blocked DP’s, you can’t even punish a blocked fireball at close range Hahahahahaha. What the fuck is that

this is one entertaining meltdown

Or don’t be a twat and read some shit. http://shoryuken.com/2016/02/19/preliminary-street-fighter-v-frame-data-added-to-shoryuken-wiki/

Paper is bullshit. When someone ends their block string with something, and you try to hit them with a LP to see if it’s punishable by anything and it gets blocked or beaten out by a mashed DP, that’s how I’ll know it’s not punishable thanks

What is the deal with every single player mashing DP’s in between block strings? Pathetic

Which character were you using?

Necalli, apparently the stomps are good frame traps, are they shit.

If you try and use them as a frame trap you just take a DP to the balls

you’re getting hit by it right?

that method isnt good compared to actual frame data
if you wont take the time to learn frame data, then you really won’t improve much and will just keep complaining about things we don’t have much problems with

Unfortunately I have a job and a life so I can’t go through pages of frame data, then I won’t even get to play. I got along fine in IV, it was easy to know what was punishable. In this buttons just get mashed and you can do nout about it.

And I’m getting hit by it because I expect people to be competent enough, but apparently not.

Maybe don’t press a button as soon as the block string ends?

I mean a lot of this stuff in fighting is sort of trial and error to some degree anyway since someones playstyle isn’t in frame data, but you gotta know when to pick your points; you aren’t always gonna be able to mash jab or any button really when your opponent is looking for it, and it sounds like they have been. Just wait after a block string ends…do a little shimmy and try to feel out your opponents next move and more importantly yours rather than trying to immediately answer back by trying to score damage of your own.

Oooh, the job and a life option select. Down back doesn’t fit that kind of busy schedule.

I’d rather play than read. I’m not training for majors

Yet you have the time to be bitching and complaining about a video game and ask for help
You open a thread asking for help and people gave you the information you need, but you decide you don’t need/want it and continue to complain
If you’re the one constantly being beat and hit by something so simple, isn’t it you that is incompetent?