What about this Alpha 2 movie thing?

Hey people,
does anyone know when and if there will be another Street Fighter movie? Because the Alpha movie left you on the edge at the end…soooooo…anyone with any details? the more the better! Pics would be cool too :stuck_out_tongue:

oops! i think i got this in the wrong place…

There have been hints and talk for a second SFA OAV for a long time. However, nothing has surfaced at all. Considering the original OAV was released in 1999, I don’t think we’re going to see one. At least not any time soon.

However, there is something better. The comic that you are on the forum for. Go buy it.

Alpha 2 is still in production but I think it is due this year, it is supposed to focus heavily on the characters Ryu & Akuma & I hear the fight scene for that is going to be awesome. I myself have no more details.
I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:
Ryu Vs. Akuma at last on the anime! :smiley:

As am I, lol, i’ve done some fan art for it, lol… I hope it REALLy does come out this year! Also, yes! I do collect the comics, some top class stuff… Now I cant wait for the Street fighter tournament when Ryu faces Akuma there! Man that is gonna rock, but can you imagine how LONG we are gonna wait for!
So…anyone else with anymore details?

I dont want to insult anybody, so dont take this the wrong way, but dont you guys think Alpha 1 sucked ass?

I thought the whole “Ryu’s little brother” idea was lame, and the only characters that they gave any time to was Ryu, Ken, and Ryu’s brother. I was EXTREMELY dissapointed with this movie. The original SF movie was at least 1,000,000 times better… well, in my opinion, of course.

Original SF movie? PLEASE tell me you mean SF2 The Animated Movie?
Sorry I just really hate the Van Damme movie lol, but I love SF2 TAM, now as for SFA, I liked it but preferred SF2. But because of the whole Akuma thing the sequel sounds like it will be a lot more interesting.

Yes, the first Street Fighter Alpha sucks much ass. The anime wasn’t that bad though…

I liked the character designs (Done by Umakoshi who also did the Character Designs for the Animated Versions of Fist of the North Star, Grappler Baki and Berserk) and the Soundtrack. And Sho Kusugi’s son (I forget his name) did the best Ryu voice ever. I liked the fght scenes in SF2 the Animated Movie a lot better, though. The SFZ Anime being a side story didn’t really bother me because it was originally released as an OVA and OVAs tend to be side story-ish, take continuity lightly or ignore it. It’s funny in the US version on the back of the box it states that it’s a sequel to SF2V.

The SFZ Anime came out because Manga Video made so much money with SF2V in the states, they approached Capcom of Japan for some kind of sequel and backed the Anime financially. (No way would Capcom allow a sequel for SF2V since it was received really badly in Japan, and they said on more than one occasion that they will never make a direct sequel to the SF2 Animated Movie, as in a second SF2 Animated Movie) The same thing is happening with this new sequel as Manga Video is backing it as well.

For the longest time, Manga Video has had this Fan Artsy drawing of Sakura and Gouki on there website. It reads “Street Fighter Alpha 2”


I liked all the SF Animes for different reasons. The USA SF cartoon sucked but had some bright spots like the Final Fight Episode and the episode with Sakura where Ryu beat Sagat again.

Hey sano,

Did you manage to scoop up the USA SF cartoon DVDs or at least rent them? I keep balking at them because I realize how bad the first season is and also at the $30 price tag.

I completely missed the Final Fight ep, but the Sakura ep was pretty good except for Guile’s dumbass in there for no reason.

Nah, I saw the episodes on USA when they were new. I did see the DVDs for it on sale, but certain things like Guile’s magic Somersault projectile stop me from buying it…

From what I can remember, Ryu and Ken met up with Cody and Guy. Cody had a beef with Ken because he tried to pick up Jessica in the past! In order to rescue Jessica, Ryu and Ken infiltrated Mad Gear, spoke with Rolento to join up and as a test in an underground Subway Station beat Sodom and Birdie. In the end, they all met up in Belger’s Scyscraper. Belger had a chair that shot out missles and I believe it was Guy’s kick that sent Belger out of the window. Cody’s buddies with Ken once again and makes out with the rescued Jessica.

That’s as well as I can remember, it was a long time ago. This episode and the Sakura episode were in the second season that was a bit better than the first season but still pretty darn bad.

So Alpha 2 should be coming out this year right??

If not then it is likely to be next year.


And if not the year after there’s always the year after the next!

LOL Point taken but it was originally believed to be having a release eary this year but since it’s not that & there’s no new news I couldn’t tell you anything definite could I?

I don’t trust Manga much. I haven’t seen anything good or new from them since the Fist of the North Star DVDs. And that was supremely half-assed with how it just stops before the first arc finale. Somebody needs to tell them there’s like 100 more episodes to do.

Manga’s probably not in the best financial situation right now either.

What? No Haggar?

I think he was in it as the Mayor. He didn’t fight.

It’s really hard to remember though.

You know, I found evidence that there was (at least planned) a Final Fight cartoon series in the vein of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and “Super Fighting Robot” Megaman.

I never saw it though. And you’ve gotta wonder if that was a bad thing…

There you go I sent an e-mail to Manga.co.uk recently & that was the response.

Semi here!

Yeah, the first season DID stink. Prob’ly because they were trying to follow up on the “suck-cess” of the Street Fighter movie. However the second one was more based on the storyline of the games (well, except for Blanka and Charlie being one and the same :lame: ).

FACTOID: The same animation team from Gundam Wing animated the Street Fighter Alpha movie as well.