What about the commentators?

I think these two players deserves better respect, I mean, Lol come on… you can’t compare Daigo/Alex Valle to these two but at least do a better job of commentary. Heck, I even bet if it was a Daigo/Alex Valle match, they would still do a half ass job at it. What do you guys think?


Why are you watching matches from a fucking anime convention? Those almost never attract good players.

Well even so… why bother have live stream commentary anyway?.. At least do a better job for the viewers if they want more subscribers or whatever sponsors

Not everyone who streams has dollar signs in their eyes

Wow that was depressing to watch. I felt really bad for the players getting belittled by the commentators. I commentate just for fun, yelling random nonsense and cracking jokes, but never making fun of players. I think of it more as a privilege to be able to commentate, no matter how small the event. It’s a lot of fun. But these two…wow lol even if was just at an anime convention, it doesn’t excuse their behavior xP

“its just, yknow, a ryu mirror match, yknow, etc etc yknow…”

they arent even good commentators and IMO this isnt even worth noticing

turned it off after 10 seconds, those are horrible commentators. They sounded very salty and elitist talking about the two players.

Kinda reminds me of Sonic’s commentary in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jccXvmzMzA
"Block, counters with a block. Crouch. Block."

Yeah, I have to say it is very helpful when the commentators have some knowledge of the game being played. You sort of need that “x” factor representing the ability to gauge the gameplay, make interesting and accurate calls while retaining the pace of the match. Thats hard, I used to commentate our local tournaments back in high school (no stream though) and it was rough.

I think it may be a little much to expect a video game tournament at an anime convention to have John Madden commentary

that’s not even at the top of the list of things i don’t expect anime conventions to have

Seriously? We’re complaining about commentary at a Canadian anime convention tournament? Here’s a better question: Why was there commentary for a Canadian anime convention tournament?

its just an example showing the range between a good and bad commentator

It’s funny cuz the voice of one of them sounds like seth killian

“you know”