What a pain

I’m trying to do this crouching low kick crouching punk into a Dp+Hp with ryu. Im doing it so easily with sagat but why is it so hard with ryu? i know i have to time my kick and punch with sagat but why is it so different with ryu? is there any way that i could make this more easy for ryu? I’m using a pad.

You could try buffering the DP, like immediately afer hitting the c.lk hitting :r: , then on the :d: motion hit the c.HP, then all you have to do is hit :df: HP


you can’t cr. lk, cr. hp

i’m going off SFIV frame data so i don’t know if this still holds true, but i’m 99% sure it still does. i’m also assuming you’re asking for cr. lk, cr. lp cause you didn’t specify in your post:

try cr. lk-cr. lp, cr. lp->dp or cr. lp, cr. lp->dp. reason for this is because then you’ll link the last lp so you can cancel into the dp. you can’t link the cr. lk into cr. lp. you have to chain it for it to combo unlike sagat. if you do that then you’ll have to link the dp after the cr. lp since you use chained the cr. lp from a cr. lk.