Westminster/Garden Grove area looking for sparring partner!

Hey everyone! I’ve been playing fighting games most of my life, but I didn’t get into it as much as I did a few years ago.

I’ve tried getting my friends into Fighting games and it’s impossible. Had one friend but he stopped playing, and all he wanted to do was just casual randoms. My other friend lives in New York; so online play is horrible.

Anyone in the Westminster or Garden Grove area who would just like to chill, hang out, and up their game are all welcomed!
Currently stationed here:** Xbox 360**: Street Fighter 4 AE v2012, UMVC3, SF3s, MVC2, KOF 98/2002, Skullgirls, SF:HDR, TTT2, MK9, SFxT

                                    **PC**: Street Fighter 4 AEv2012, King of Fighters 13, MK9, Divekick, Injustice

I mainly play SS4AEv2012 (about 3 years off and on) and KoF 13 (About a year), so if you primarily play those two games that would be great! but I’ll also mess around with Injustice, and some UMVC3 & SF3. Relaxed environment, liqour store/fast food down the street, Tobacky AND 420 friendly. Send me a message if you’re interested, or if you have any questions leavem here! :B

I live in Fountain Valley and wouldn’t mind meeting up with you some day. I don’t have a xbox360 stick to bring though.

Hey man! I had a spare wireless stick to use but the PCB board broke when I tried to mod it. I also have a PS3 here but no fighting games or fight sticks for it, unfortunately. Debating about buying another cheaper one.

Have you been to Alex’s Arcade?

Are you still looking for people to play with? I live in Westminster and was thinking about trying to organize a regular group around here, since Super Arcade is kind of inconvenient to drive out to. I haven’t checked out Alex’s Arcade yet.

You still looking to spare?

I live right next to Disneyland and I’ve been to Alex Arcade once. 420 friendly.

Let me know if you are still downg(or anyone else for that matter, I have a 360 fight stick.

I agree, Super Arcade is very difficult for me to get to. I live next to disneyland and I have a 360 stick. It would be awesome if we had a regular group.

I’m actually not trying to organize my own regular event anymore, because I found out my school, CSULB, has a fighting game group called the Salt Miners that meet up regularly. I’d recommend that anyone in the area check it out. They have their own facebook group too. I also know that a few of the members live in Westminster. I might look into organizing a local casuals night with some of them.



A group of fellow gamers is having casuals at a Video Store in SANTA ANA, CA.
The address is:
616 S Main St
Santa Ana, CA 92701

This happens every friday from 6-11pm
Games that are played:

More games will be added if interest sparks

At the moment they only have 2 setups but more could be added if more people show up.
Venue fee is $6 dollars which are given to the owner of the Store for electricity.

There are lots of places to eat nearby also a liquor store on next door.

Stop by and have some fun!