Wester Samoa Fl division?

What no love? How’s it goin kids? Dont have time or resourches to be postin or messaging you all and my time’s about to run out on the internet but poppin by to say hi to all my florida kids.

Just got a new phone and calling is expensive but I can text but I lost all numbers so post up here, pm them, or txt em to me.

My numbers 7595028 I have no idea the country code 638 or 648 or something like that.

I’m off to go drink more beer at the beach. I’ll let ya guys know when I get some photos online somewhere probably later this week I’ll be able to get online again otherwise happy thanksgiving fools.

Oh shit! I’ll guess your country code and text you.

Edit: http://www.countrycallingcodes.com/results.php?FromCode=United+States&ToCode=Fiji+Islands&Submit.x=385&Submit.y=315&Submit=Submit

Could this be right?

Nice try :slight_smile: