Westchester, NY

I’ve been looking through the section and all the threads are years old. Was wondering if there was still anyone who plays in Westchester. I live in Harrison and I really only play SF4 and some MvC3 casually but I’d be interested in playing some offline.

Hey, Harrison, huh? I’ve been hoping to find someone around here to play offline with. Sadly, I don’t really play Street Fighter. I played MvC3 until Skullgirls came out, which has been more or less all I’ve played since. Still, might be worth looking into. Having an FG scene within walking distance is something I’ve missed.

Well i’ll be buying Skullgirls once it comes to PC. Yea i don’t know anyone irl who plays fighters so I can only play online. Do you live in Harrison yourself?

I do, I do. And yeah, no one I know from around here plays fighters either. There was a nice scene when I was up in college in Buffalo but now that I’m back it’s pretty much just me and SG online.

Yea hopefully I’ll meet some people at college. Might bump the Yonkers thread and see if they still play.

<<<< Yonkers and i play rather avidly (AE)

I’m living at SUNY Purchase for the school year. I mostly play UMVC3 and some AE, but I’m dying to play Persona, Tekken, and DOA (and anything else) with others.

Yorktown Area here. Playing SF4:AE as well as MK9. Network or local… Trying to get some local events going…

I’m in Yonkers, NY and mainly play MK9 but I pretty much dabble in anything. If you guys want to, there is a gaming center where they play a lot of AE, Marvel and anything else in Scarsdale as long as someone brings the setup. I believe they provide the monitors but someone make sure that is the case.

The website is http://clarksonscorner.com/index.html and I have friends who have been there and told me the place is pretty damn cool.

Clarkson’s Corner is cool but the tvs are insanely laggy and there’s not much competition there.

What kind of tvs they got there?

i’m not sure but both are 42in if i remember correctly. they only have 2 setups

Im from Ossining and i have to agree with you guys there is pretty much 0 competition around here except for casual smash. Iv tried making it out to next level but getting there is such a bitch not to mention expensive as hell.

I know what you mean. I’ve been playing some Super Turbo lately and I know they have a cab for it but getting there is too much of a pain in the ass. If you want something closer, I think that guy bum runs casuals in his house in the Bronx. I’ve been contemplating going there but it conflicts with my work schedule.

And again, if anyone wants to get some games in at Clarksons Corner I’m for it. I’ll see if I can buy a Evo monitor to help out.

Are there casuals still happening at Clarkson’s Corner or anywhere else in Westchester?

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Is that in Syracuse?


lets get hyped!

That’s on the other side of the state.