West Wonderland

Brownout and his crew. FUCK THEM. :tdown: Boycott.

I love it when there’s no intendment for posts like this. What’d he do, ban you?

Who’s brownout? Who’s in his crew? Why the hatred? Is this racial? Who actually plays at WW? I have a 90ping at GW and a 30ping at WW and i’d still rather try and play at GW xD.

but srsly…alittle more content in the first post to avoid this being just straight up spam.

People still play on kaillera?

What the heck is wrong with the ping at WW lately?

Well Some people are just…

who cares. Stick to GGPO and get as far away from those ****** as possible.

::Kangaroo Kicks::

WW sucks because everyone plays akuma, but no one can play akuma.

My Ibuki eats noob akumas for lunch. I wish i was wc so I could go to this all you can eat buffet. :shake:

Yeah, fuck that place. My ping has reached 40ms from 15ms.

I’ve washed my hands with Kaillera servers after I found out about P2P and got GGPO to finally work.

I haven’t been on WW for the last 3 weeks, thanks to nfba P2P
My ping went up there for no real reason either

nfba is wayy better, I’ve only desynced twice with nfba, had like 30+ matches. With WW, I desync after 10 matches.

This goes to that piece of horse shit “The Dark Hadou”

you scrubby motherfucker you. stay true to your lag abusing ways.

people who let you become a moderator is a bunch of douchebags. do your worse on trying to ban me motherfucker. unfortunately for you, i have ways to make sure ill never get banned from playing kailera. you cock eating crumb dumb.

Well another alternate to west wonderland is another upcoming server in LA too with better connectivity.

Ip : smashclans.hopto.org

Simple and easy to remember above :slight_smile:

If only now supra could lend the emulinker SF to make it even better. Nice wok he has done to the server !!

Server shall have new setup with lagstat feature as supra gonaa send it my way after i make the donation !!

Im sorry you all feel that way about our server i help you come to understand that its not our fault if your ping jumps… maybe cancel your downloading or torrents… we are actually going to be doing a new route to whats been going on lately we help you understand… and that akuma remark… im sorry that you get stuck with playing crappy people who use shotos… its not our fault. and yes people still play kaillera i think they would rather play more then 6 games… or how ever many ggpo lets you play…

I’ve never really had a real problem with your server, so… my remark was mostly sarcastic. I mean, I played on WW from like August(?) of last year up to April when I finally realized mame you messed up for competitive play offline. Despite a few sucky guys, the majority of players there were better than me. So I’m not taking digs at the quality of players. WW is a good server (much better than the *other *shit servers and their douche owners cough), but p2p is infinitely better and has ALL the games not just 6.

GGPO is even a class above that and actually has 10 or 11 games. And they are all the ones everyone plays anyway. At least in terms of fighters.

Edit: And there’s nothing wrong with shoto’s or akuma, but when you play 5 different people in a row 15-20 odd games each who can’t play it’s grating. When your supposed “unbeatable” tactic of Rh. Hurricane kick x N isn’t working it’s time to pick someone else.

I just think something’s up when I had 15ms for the longest time and then it jumps all the way up to 200+ ms before settling to 40-50 ms.

It doesn’t matter now but other Kaillera servers were not giving me the same problem at the time.

Also, I’ve had shit like Bittorrent on or was downloading stuff while connecting to a server and my ping was always what it should’ve been.

Okay I’ve been playing there for like 2 weeks now. I see the point of this post.

Dark Hadou is a total dipshit. Suffering from rectorial infarction. (Head up his ass to those who dont know).

I make a comment on his “Admin” status when he joins and he goes into some bullshit streak about people hating me on the server like I give a shit; and then he silences me. Shortly thereafter a group of people invite me to a chat in which they devulge their utter hatred for Dark Hadou and alot of the other douches “in charge” there.

Just an FYI, if you play anyone in Dark Hadou’s “clan” you will be Kicked, Banned, Silenced, or something equally stupid upon beating them. If you lose a match, you’ll be taunted and mocked, called “shitty” so and so forth.

I’m going to fight with GWs ping (which sometimes hits 100 for me) instead of playing there…


He played me once… and threatened to ban me after I called him out on lag abuse, weirdest admin ever

That shit happened to me the other day on the EU reps emulinker server. Guy called ShadowDioUK claimed to own the server and everything, turned out he was a liar as well as a sore loser.

Seriously, admins kicking you cause you beat them, its a pathetic clich.

But that’s what happens when you give admin rights to kids I guess.:tdown: