West Texas

I am looking for West texas players. I live in San Angelo and want to know if there any body around my area? All the scenes seem to be in bigger cities and know im not the only one gaming out here. If you live in San Angelo or Abiliene please stand up and lets get some games running. My gamer tag is Dirty NSS hit me up any time and lets do this and get our area gamming.

I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but whatever.

Theres a decent scene here in Odessa If you want to drive ~2 hours. Our players are very skilled, considering we don’t have much competition to get better and have to travel to do so. If you’re still serious, try getting 3-4 people together and come down to Odessa and hit up some casuals, maybe even a small mini-tournament. PM me if you’re down.

I know I went to a tournament recently over there for Tekken. Terry (Blackmore) been coming down and showing support. I have a few guys I could bring. When is your next meet up/tournament?