West Tennessee Thread (Memphis, Jackson, etc. - split for your viewing pleasure)

well it’s been past 1,000 posts and nobody has made the new tn thread so i figured i would since i too am from tn,well was,lol.so enjoy niggrets!!!

I’ll toss cyke like a rag doll once him and whoever gets snaped by my mag… it’ll be a combo trailer on him :slight_smile:

LMAO! fuck u nigga!

I second this thread title. Then being that you are not living here jose makes it kind of peculiar. But anywho, you’ll have to take it up with the other TN peeps =)

why hasn’t sam posted in awhile??

lol… bring it at evo… bring your crate, i’ll bring mine… BET IT!

aight son,lol my team is gonna run circles around ur mags:arazz: i’ll bring my crate don’t worry:lovin: btw=who u rooming with in vegas,is ur crew going? i think i’m the only one from miami who’s going to evo unless flashmetroid goes.i’m still not sure if taz is going or not and i really hate to have to spend a hundred and some dollars for a room just for me.

i dun care about eboed or not, cyc played with that serious d can drop a mag, mebbe a lil edge on cable as far as that match-up with ideal assist…

niggums is bomb either way!

who is good at marvel that lives from tn???

well there’s a few good players,u got jonah who is actually from fl,lol u got derrick,jay 2 guys who moved from new orelans and eugene from nashville.there really good just not at ur crazy ass level mixup:rofl: anyways dog sup with evo?u going or wut?come on fool let’s go there and kick it with everybody.get the crew ready so we can get a room and shit:lovin: hell i’ll even fucking drive all the way there:rofl: :rofl: :looney:

did i hear strider doom?

wow. welcome to the new TN thread i guess (not liking the title). i’am jonah, i’m originally from tampa fl. We have a decent amount of marvel heads here. Our main marvel players are derrick, jay and a couple others. I just sit out and observe =). Then we have eugene and TAZ who comes to the neck of the woods (FF). TAZ/eugene is our worst nightmare here in TN. TAZ and eugene just play’s us for practice. They help us step our games up here. Such beasts they are =(

LoL… Taz is good, but I got some stuff for him since FR9 ^_^. I never played Eugene so I dunno bout him…

I got your cyke matched Jas, just you wait…

I dunno who all from FL is going, I know it’s me for sure… most likely Eder… and I’m conin’ Mixup into coming ^_^*

yea i’m trying to convince mixup into going as well,cause hell if we can just all get a room together and split the cost that’ll make things easier on everyone plus we’ll have the fl group together.i’m already checking on airline tickets and shit,are u flying over as well?cause like i said if we can get everyone that’s going over to evo together then we can split cost on everything that way everyone can afford it and it makes it easier for everybody.BTW=u have nothing to match my cyke so u can forget it:arazz: :rofl:

trudat… dunno what the 411 is, but when I know i’ll hitt cha back… as for you cyke goes, you’re right, I have nothing to match your ckye, EVERYTHING I HAVE IS BETTA… HAHA!!!

why the hell is there a TN thread and TN isnt even the ones posting

shrugs Me and lord were havin’ an A and B conversation… oh, and I guess Taz and Eugenes names were mention :slight_smile:

everything u have is BETTA? yea u right,everything u have BETTA keep stepping away from cyke before they get hit with the nasty bastid comboes:arazz: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

hahah… bring it at evo… see ya there!

hey peter, we get hype even for other scenes:looney:

the scene in TN is not alive at all, well atleast on this website it ain’t lol

uhhh…random cats are not allowed to make TN threads…but whatever…i only play tekken now.