West Coast Warzone - Irvine, CA - Sept. 4th-6th, 2009 - SF4 BONUS $1000 | KoF12 $500

This is a passion project. This post will be updated regularly with information as questions are answered and I come across new tidbits.

Hi folks! So Cal has been missing out on the large venue tournament events and so, I hope to bring one that will be an enjoyable time for all!

Official Site: www.warzonetournament.com

Pre-Registration - Pre-registration ends AUGUST 29th!! You will pay an extra $10 at the door for the venue fee so don’t wait, and sign up today!
Available through the Warzone Website!

When - Labor Day Weekend - Sept. 4th - 6th, 2009 | Pool Party on the 4th!

Location - Yahoo Maps Link -
Orange County Airport Hilton
18800 MacArthur Blvd
Irvine, CA 92612

Literally across the street from the airport!!

Games -
Street Fighter IV
3rd Strike
Super Street Fighter II: HD-Remix 2v2
King of Fighters XII
Marvel vs Capcom 2

I will be purchasing every TV used at this tournament to ensure that it has no lag and every station is standardized. This way, everyone has an equally positive experience.

ASUS VH236 Monitors have been purchased.

This tournament will be run on XBOX360s over HDMI. Top 8 for all games will be on a projector in a ballroom with theater seating.

3rd Strike will be on PS2 Anniversary Edition on SD TVs.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be on Dreamcast on SD TVs.

Details -
Venue Fee - $20

Each game entry will be $10.

Prize payouts - 70/20/10
SFIV will have a bonus $700/$200/$100 added to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd from me.
King of Fighters XII will have a bonus $500 for 1st place from Team False Hope!
If BlazBlue gets more than 128 players, an additional $500 will go to first place.
If Marvel gets more than 64 players, an additional $300 will go to first place.

Click Here

I have rooms blocked out for the event so out of towners, you guys are very welcome to come! Room rates at the Hilton are usually $165 for a double but our special rate is at $85 a night. $250 for a suite for you ballers (the hotel has 4, I already bought two of them =D). Just ask for the Warzone tournament group rate.

Aug. 22nd is the last day you can book a room at this rate so GET ON IT!

Click to make a reservation!!

Come make a weekend out of this event! I have setup a cash bar for the tournament on both days so get your drink on, hit up the 24 hour IHOP a block away, and crash on Saturday at the Hilton.

Make sure to cheers me when you got a drink in hand. I’ll be the guy with the vodka tonics in one hand and long islands in the other. =D

We are working on a social event for Friday night as well so you may want to book both Friday and Saturday night! It will be worth your time!

As this is near an airport, there is a parking fee for the hotel. Worry not, I’ve lowered the rate to a measly $3 a day. Carpooling is encouraged.

There is a 24 hour IHOP down a block as well as a Carl’s Jr, El Torito, Gulliver’s Prime Rib, and more. I will update this information as soon as I get the tournament website up.

More details to come.

Promo Videos -

The Big One - [media=youtube]9Ro7Q23yudc[/media]

Extras -

We are giving away Madcatz Tournament Sticks in a drawing for those who book hotel rooms.
Aug 22nd is the last day you can book a hotel room at this rate so get in on it!!!


Steam -
A live stream will be provided at the official website, starting on Saturday.

Visit warzonetournament.com and the stream will be starting at roughly noon on the 5th.

Gootecks Show Podcast -

im too down john rog!

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Shoo, I know I already mentioned it to you, but yes, I will absolutely need your help~

Avatars would be amazing! Unfortunately, my graphics abilities are pretty terrible. If anyone could make avatars, I would greatly appreciate it and I will host them at the tournament website as soon as I finish up a few more pages and get the hotel registration/tourney pre-reg setup.

Spending far more of my future house down payment savings than I should.

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Edit: I’m down to help out a filipino friend as well.

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A big tournament only 5 miles away…this is a really tough decision.

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