West Coast Warzone 3 - Orange, CA - Jan 14-16, 2011

Greetings folks!

John Rog here and I’m proud to announce that West Coast Warzone 3 is coming Martin Luther King weekend, January 14-16, 2011! I’m very excited to bring back Warzone and I hope to see you in January for a good time =]

Official Site -www.warzonetournament.com

Pre-Registration - Early registration ends Nov 31st!! You will pay an extra $10 afterwards and an extra $20 at the door for the venue fee so don’t wait, and sign up today! Registration is available through the Warzone website!

At the door registration will be closed to Friday, the 14th ONLY! If you plan to register at the door, please do so on Friday as we will not take your registration on Saturday.

When - January 14th - 16th, 2011

Location - Google Maps Link -
100 The City Drive
Orange, CA
USA 92868
Tel: +1-714-634-4500
Fax: +1-714-978-3839

Lots of places to grab a drink, eat, and chill near by!

Games -
Super Street Fighter IV (singles and 3v3 team tournament)
Tekken 6
Super Street Fighter II: HD-Remix
Marvel vs Capcom 2
MvC2 Low Tier
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

Setups -
We will continue to use the ASUS VH236 monitors for HD games. This way, everyone has an equally positive experience.

Most of the tournament games will be run on XBOX360s over HDMI.

Tekken 6 will be on PS3 on ASUS monitors.
3rd Strike will be on PS2 Anniversary Edition on SD TVs.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be on Dreamcast on SD TVs.
UMK3 will be played on MAME
MKvsDCU will be played on PS3

Details -
Venue Fee -
$20 before Nov 30st, 2010
$30 before Jan 12th, 2011
$40 at the door (Jan 14th only)

Each game entry will be $10.

Prize payouts - 70/20/10

Schedule -
Posted and updated at the website.

Hotel -
The Double Tree Anaheim/Orange County is a full service hotel and the home of West Coast Warzone 3. Beautiful rooms and spacious public areas make for a great venue for us to host our event. We encourage you to book a room and make a weekend of the event. Those who have followed us over the last three years know that booking hotel rooms helps us continue to run Warzone. If you are able, please book a room! We have incentive for you to do so. Check out the site for Afterhours information =]

You can book now by clicking here!

Friday Night
The 3v3 team tournament will start at 7pm sharp and end at 11pm. All other stations will be on free play. Come out, enjoy the evening, and get in with your fellow fighting gamers!

Kai and I have put in a lot of planning into making sure Warzone is going to be an awesome experience so be sure to set your date, mark your calendar, and make room for West Coast Warzone 3!



Look we know you guys aren’t here for the scenery, you’re here to play. That’s why this year we’ve setup something a little special for you guys. We’ve bought out a another WHOLE BALLROOM so that you guys can keep playing into the night. We’ll provide the setup and the games, you guys provide the sticks. This will run Saturday night from 12am - 5am. We also have some special events that we’re planning for this time.

You can only gain access to Afterhours if you have a wristband, which you can get from booking a room. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. I’m not kidding, I will kick you out. Trying to get in without booking a room is not only insulting to us, but also to the people that booked rooms. John and I are discussing alternate options, aka purchasing a wristband, but I assure you, unless you like throwing money around, it’s probably more beneficial and cheaper to just partner up and buy a room with somebody else.

Again while John will never post about it, running these events aren’t exactly free. We’ve been able to run a 3rd Warzone because our friends and you dedicated players have helped us through booking rooms for the past 2 events.

I can’t stress how important your booking rooms is to us. Again, we’re not here to make money (more like lose). We don’t charge you some dumb processing fee, or even an extra buck to help offset the PayPal charges. We probably never will. But to ensure the possibility of being a next time, we do need your help with these rooms.

Below is the link for the front of the flyer for Warzone.

Yay 3S. No BBCS?

what are the low tier marvel rules?

We wanted to make sure we included a Marvel low tier tourney this year and six games is where I want to keep the schedule. Kai and I decided to cut BB:CS this year.

From the site:
Banned Characters:
Magneto | Storm | Sentinel | Cable | Blackheart | Spiral | Ironman | War Machine | Dr. Doom | Tron?s Y-Assist
Restricted Characters (a team can have a maximum of one of these characters):
Captain Commando | Cammy | Psylocke | Cyclops | Strider

I’ll be there again to support my nig!

Holy crap, Warzone keeps getting earlier and earlier into the year. The first one was in, what, July? Then it was like April or something, and now it’s in January.

At this pace, right after Warzone 3 closes, they’re gonna announce Warzone 4 the next weekend!

Good shit guys, I look forward to Warzone as always!

Edit: By the way, love the new website!

Great location!

I’m really excited about this.

I really want to come out to this but we’ll have to see how the evo japan planning goes! All and all I know this event will be GODDDDDDDDD LIKEEEEEE! :tup:

i am registered

and yet again i live hilariously close to the venue! i <3 u john and kai

Thanks brah!

Thanks! Kai did nothing to make the site. Sigh -_-

We’ll see you there =]

Both sounds like a great idea! If you’re unable to come, please watch as iplaywinner streams =]

Thanks Chris! Your support is appreciated!

Jon Rogz mah dogz. Where haz u been? :bgrin:

I like your FAQ ?s, lolz on the last one.
If u want any help, I be willing to helpz. :slight_smile:

I want to come to this

I’ve been working…a lot. Just clocked in a 130 hour pay period. But hopefully I’ll be a lot more available to hang out towards the end of the year.

We should talk Arturo =]

So, more 3S AND HDR mayhem?

Time to find some cheap plane tickets!

This is the day after my birthday!!!

Man I’d love to make it out this time I’ve really wanted to go to a warzone tournament but thing’s never pan out. I hope this time around I can make it. sweet!

I can’t wait! :looney:

Please bring cake for the whole class =]

Please do! We would love to have you!

Try and fit us into your schedule. I think you will have a good time =]

Loopy eyes! See you there~