WePlay! Online Fighting Tournament

WePlay!Esports Compete Tournament

What’s up, everyone! We need some help from the fighting game community. We are a company called WePlay! , and we launched a tournament platform app for fighters. You can join tournaments in games like MK 11 SSB and Street Fighter V, plus we have prizes for winners. We are new to the FGC, so it would be cool if you take part in our tournaments and give us some feedback, so we could create a product the FGC will enjoy.

You can check the info about the app on our weplay.tv

All matches will be in double elimination.

Closest tournament is scheduled for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Wednesday, 19 Aug, 21:00 Europe/Kiev

How could you participate in a tournament?

  1. Download the app
  2. Join a tournament
  3. Get notified 15 minutes before it starts. Check the rules while you’re waiting.
  4. After the tournament starts, you’ll see your first opponent. Play and have fun!
  5. Win tournaments and earn Amazon gift cards
    You could download the app for iOS and Android:

Thank you for your help, we hope that together we could create great tournament platform for fighters

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