Well.... Looks like this guy wont be attending tournaments any time soon


Felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, where the official investigation or official proceeding affected involves the investigation or prosecution of a misdemeanor.

Looked it up and if convicted he could be in for 5 years + $5000 fine in addition to whatever he may get from the original. I’m not a fan of the guy… but stuff like this doesn’t really help our image right now.

Ummmmmm…who is he again?

random post09er #9322349

and he was justin wong’s cheerleader for years when people were playing real fighting games

Justin Wong’s previous bitch.

I feel bad for him though. He walked in on his girl fucking some other dude behind his back when she was supposed to be supporting him at the tournament. The girl is the villain here but the guy is the one who will be paying the price. Funny how a chick can slap a dude but push a whore and you get five years behind bars.

This apparently happened yesterday. “Tampering with a witness.” That’s gonna hurt his job prospects if he actually gets convicted.

wait so who was fucking who again?

No one in GD gives a fuck scrub.

Um what? How does this clown getting owned and locked up hurt our image? especially considering very few people in this thread even know who the fuck he is.

I never went to tournaments to see this guy there, did you?

And less abrasive. Its his downfall. How does his getting caught up hurt any group’s image, and with who? Why isn’t it at most just a regional thing, in his community and close circle of friends.

Those are bullshit charges. It’s basically the prosecutor’s way to ensure that they win the case and you get thrown in jail. The violation of PTR is violation of Pretrial Release. Basically means (usually) that you’re forbidden to make contact with the person(s) you assaulted. That means even to say “I’m sorry.” It basically means that you cannot work things out with a person who you may have had a disagreement with or who you may have hit by accident. It ensures that there’s no way to settle things outside of court, so the court always makes it’s money.

It’s bullshit. Noel’s not my favorite person, but the law is fucked up and that could easily be any one of us.

I just had assault charges dropped against me. They were bullshit charges because my wife got mad at me and called the police as I was leaving. I wasn’t even there, but I got served a ticket (where I’m at, domestic violence assault is not a misdemeanor, just a civil offense like a speeding ticket, but it can easily escalate to one). If I was forbidden to communicate with her and get her to drop the charges I would have had that on m record. She even said herself that she was just mad at me and didn’t think I deserved all that bullshit.

But even then the prosecutor was trying to get her to go with the charges. My wife, my lawyer and I were like, “did you not hear her? She is not showing up in court!” Dumb bitch had to call her back to ensure that she was really talking to the right person. I think it’s good that they’re trying to make sure they get things right, but I highly doubt that they would put forth so much effort if it was the other way around and they were getting information that would prove me innocent.

Be careful guys. Women and nerves do not mix and they just aren’t worth it. There’s more women out there and they will probably treat you better. :tup:

I wish I could like this post a million times.

Stopped reading right there. Unless you’re really doing physical damage, your wife should know better to never call the cops. I dumped a girl for just making the joke about calling the cops and making up a story.

You need to have a serious talk with your wife. There are rules in a family that must not be broken and your wife just broke one.

While Noel was fucking scrubs in Marvel, his girl was fucking Ray Ray in bed.

Noel literally walked in on them.

Use your imagination.

lol…just the idea of walking in on your girl gettong grandslammed by a nigga named ray ray is hilarious to me.

We are no longer together. For over 2 years now :tup:

This happen in the Bermuda Triangle of the U.S known as Florida so this could get either good, bad, or ugly. No matter the outcome, it will be racist and sexist somehow.

You said wife instead of ex-wife.

So I was like:


We’re still married. My divorce is not finalized. So yeah… I usually say “soon-to-be ex wife” :tup:

Maybe she was his wife at the time, and shit like that is why shes his ex-wife?