Well hello, is there anybody out there?

I’m not particularly new but after stalking the forum in particular the building section and “galleries” for a while, with posts on my custom stick progress I thought an introduction is in order.

My focus on fighters used to be mainly on SF since I first played SF 2 Alpha on my SEGA. Since I changed over to PC at the time I never really got back into it and skipped SF3 but went back into it casually in SF4 and later 5. Especially as I was living in Japan and Korea around the time. I visited the Arcade not as much as I now want as I really fell in love with the atmosphere in there which then reignited my love for all fighting games, even as I’m at best a very casual payer. I just love them, a bit of KoF, SF, Skullgirls or recently GG.

I now moved to Italy a while back and miss playing games locally with friends. Anyone on here living on the east coast (Abruzzo)? Or someone who knows a few old school arcades/clubs in that area?