This new forum called Street Writer will cover all your own short stories, essays and poems. You can also get help with all of the above.

Please welcome your moderator, Bowling Pin!

Thanks for giving us writers our own forum wiz.

I gotta get my thread moved here somehow…

Presenting Copy Pasta from when we were temporarily the Siamese twin of the comic book board:


maybe i’ll start posting some of my stuff then

Congrats on the new forum Bowling Pin! I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. :clap:

Um, not that I really care all that much, but isn’t there already a Fan-Fiction board?

:tup: Way to get the mod position and new forum Bowling Pin… dood.


today has been nothing but site surprises.

BP hit me up on a PM. My phone is screwy so AIM is a nogo at the moment and I lost the link to the site.

Nah man that board’s mostly for SF related stuff - this will be for everything else. Think about the possibilities MAAANG! Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fan Fic, KOF Fan Fic, Guilty Gear Fan Fic, or you know what not even Fan Fics - We are talking poems, short stories, potential movie scripts, hell you can post up your school writing assignments for free advice, you name it. This could be great if enough people step up!

This is a really great idea. When I finish my story I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

I think I should post some of my old/new stuff on here…

I now have the last posts in the top 4 threads in this forum.

are there any rules to what can and can’t be posted? I write some pretty stifling stuff but love to get other peoples reactions and comments on it. basically if i write a short story about some graphic incest will i get banned? I know that’s an extreme example but yeah, i don’t want to get banned for posting up a poem that starts “Hey God, / FUCK YOU!”

its a shame alot of these dont get feed back