Welcome to our new moderator, FrankDaDank


Between having a lot of work to do and being mod for a number of forums, I wanted to make sure that the Northwest forum was in good hands. Thus I had MrWizard make FrankDaDank a second moderator.

Feel free to hit either one of us up if there’s anything bogus going on. I figure that there will not be, but – just in case.

We’re responsible to you to help keep SRK excellent. There hasn’t been much to be concerned about in the NW forum because it’s generally good peoples here. Let’s keep it that way. :tup:


Congrats Frank! I think you made a wise choice there Zach.

Nice! Congratulations, Frank. Be fair and be awesome!



Congrats Frank!

You play ti game?

Goo job Danklin.

I know the world is going to end in 2012 now that you’re a mod.

Good shit frank!

:clapdos: nicesu desu :clapdos:

Congrats dude.


Grats frank

Real talk tho Frank, I’m happy for ya sir!

You’ve posted a lot of bullshit and a lot of good shit in the Northwest area for about 10 years strong!

Lets make it another 10 and retire in Miami!!

Viva Las Vegas & get yo dick sucked!!!

Congratulations, Frank! <:

grats frank, mod powers for life hahaha

they’re the best, don’t abuse them XD

good choice for mod btw

Good shit, Frank.

Dope decision, Zach.

You go on a powertrip on us, Frank, and we will DESTROY you.

Jaykay, jaykay. Frank is the best. <3

i think frank should go on a power trip to commemerate. and to get us the fuck outside did you see the sun??

with great power comes great responsibility lol

Frank…don’t fuck up