Welcome to Image Mishmash!(For Newer Members)

It’s a new year and there are a ton of new members.So it goes without saying that if you’re new here then you have a couple of basic questions about this section.This sticky is here to cover the most basic of basics.

I want a cool stickart/avatar/etc. How can i get one?

Gumz wrote up a pretty awesome guide awhile back for requesting.This is copypasted from that.

I wanna make my own…but I need some help…:confused:

It’s cool,there are a ton of great tutorials here to help you out.Check around the section
for the helpful stickys. For specific questions see this thread first (http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?147279-Help-With-Photoshop-Etc-[First-Post-Contains-Links])

Your question might even already be answered,so don’t hesitate to use that as a resource.

All this talk about Photoshop**…Where do I get Photoshop?**

Adobe Photoshop is a program you can find at most major computer shops or online vendors.

No man.How do I GET Photoshop?

We don’t deal in that here.If it’s a free program you are looking for check out GIMP(www.gimp.org) It’s comparable to PhotoShop and can make avs that look just as good as Photoshop’s.

What the hell?Why’d I get an infraction?What gives?IT’S CAUSE I’M '09/'10/etc.

Chances are you probably didn’t read this sticky(http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?212086-Please-read-before-posting-Regarding-%5Bimg%5D-tags)

That or you broke one of the other rules…***You did read the rules right? ***

**Damn,those premium avatars are cool! How can I be able to wear one?

You become a premium member by paying a relatively small fee and not only do you get access to a whole other forum along with supporting one of the best fighting game sites on the internet you get a larger set of avatar dimensions (160 x100) along with a whopping filesize of 73.2 KB.
I don’t have enough money for premium T_T

There was once a time when there would be frequent avatar competions giving out premium along with other fabulous prizes.Who knows,those days may come back…It’s all on the participation of you guys.Make some avatars,help out with stickart requests,post up cool image editing tutorials or whatever!

I just started.There is no way I can compare with some of these avs…

Even if you are new to making avatars don’t feel threatened to sit on the sidelines.Post up your stuff and learn from doing.If you have a cool idea run with it and see what you end up with.

Most importantly though have fun with it! :karate:

I would like to add that in addition to avatars and “hot girl” threads, IMM is also a home to a number of image-based games and competitions, like the historic “Photoshop this Picture” threads, Avatar Competitions, the Picture Game, etc. Worthless and I will be working on trying to make these things a bit more prevalent in IMM.


Oh also, one more rule. If a mod tells you to stop doing something, stop doing it or you might get an infraction, whether what he asks you not to do is explicitly prohibited or not. This seems like common sense, but there are always those people who say “I’m going to keep doing it, there’s no rule against it!”

If you feel that one of the mods here is abusing his power by asking you to stop doing something that you should be allowed to do, contact the other IMM mods, Pryde, or an admin. Don’t just keep doing what you were asked to stop doing until one of those people handles the issue. Thanks.