Weird PS2 Stick Problem

Okay to start off I have a HRAP2.

During the menus, all buttons work.
ONLY during match play, the punch buttons (Square, Triangle, and R1) do NOT work.
If I pause, and cancel the menu with triangle, it works. ONLY during a match do the above 3 buttons not respond.

I can pick my characters with all buttons.
I can back out of menus with triangle.
ONLY during the middle of a match, the 3 buttons listed do NOT work.

Any idea what this could be?
I’ve checked all connections, everything is fine.
I’ve swapped buttons out for new ones and same thing happens.
Nothing is modded.

If you’re using it on PS3 then it could be to do with the adapter.

I’m not it was strictly PS2 -> PS2.

Is it across all games or is it specific to one game?

All games.
I’m able to select characters/menus with those 3 buttons but in match, I can’t punch at all.

Your PCB could be going bad… How old is the stick???

I don’t know what to say other than to test the stick on another PS2 and perhaps try it with a stable adaptor on a PS3 to see if the button situation repeats itself. Test the stick on a PS3 game like Street Fighter IV or one of the downloadable fighters from PSN.

I seriously doubt it’s your buttons. More likely (and more expensive to fix!) is a faulty PCB.
That’s weird for even an older generation Hori joystick because they are usually long-lasting, ultra-reliable joysticks. For an HRAP, PCB failures are very uncommon.

Your PCB replacement options are limited if you want to keep PS2 compatibility. You could swap for a Hori PS2-compatible PCB – a straight HRAP 1 or 2 swap, or a licensed Hori PS2-compatible PCB like the Tekken 5 or Arcana Heart 1/2 PCBs – or bite the bullet and get an MC Cthulu. The MC Cthulu has PS2-compatibility once you flash the ROM on the PCB to a latter ROM revision. Definitely keep that old PS2 connector cord IF you have to pitch the old HRAP 2 PCB. Snip it as close to the PCB where it connects. It can be turned into an RJ-45 system cord for use on an MC Cthulu. There’s definite value in keeping a PS2 cord.

As for the rest of the HRAP 2, it’s up to you if you want to keep the hardware and install a new PCB or sell it as-is. You’d be taking a significant hit on it without a functional PCB, though, unless someone is desperate for a fully-equipped case shell…