weird move

i am a beginner at street fighter third strike and i was wondering everytime i press MP+MK i do this small jump move i think it’s called universal overhead from other posts i read but i was wondering what advantage does it have and what situation to use it in

To name a few well known situations:

-Against low moves such as crouching mk happy chun-li’s, or many other low moves.

-Practically like the only ground move that will hit Hugo when he does a 360.

-Depending on what character your playing it might be one of the few fast overheads moves. The universal overhead hits people who block low if you didnt know. So a descent and quick way to hit someone blocking low.

All I can think of.

Any move that leaves the ground can stuff out Hugo’s command 360 throw (Ibuki’s array of f+K moves, Urien’s headbutt and any hurricane kick style attack for example).

With correct timing, you can also combo with it as well as link a super into it. Takes time to get used to using though.

It allows you to move forward and attack at the same time. Think of why scrubs use random ass tackles and hurricanes and jump forward non-stop. It’s because they know intuitively that moving forward AND attacking is better than just moving forward. Of course this is flawed because of the very nature of those moves. The difference is uoh is pretty low risk. This is useful for gaining ground or pushing yourself out of the corner.

Oh yea like Xiii said, linking into combo’s from an overhead =). Gotta emphasize that point, I cant believe I forgot about that.

For example, Yang can do UOH --> --> EX mantis slashes. many others of course