Weird inputs. SSF4 only (PC)

So I had something very weird happen last night.

I got a new (brand new) Madcatz Asian TE for 360. Things seem to play fine but I went in to practice mode with Ryu and noticed for some reason when I did down back or forward back that Ryu would stay crouched for about 1 extr second. This didn’t happen all the time. At first I thought it was the JLF, so I replaced it with the Hayabusa and it did the same thing. The super weird thing is it didn’t do it in Skull Girls (PC as well). So weird… I tried to recreate it with the keyboard, but I couldn’t. I also have never seen this happen with the various PS360+'s my computer has been connected to either. So many variables…Anyone ever seen this before?

Thanks in advance!


So are you using the stick on PC or Xbox 360?
And what input the stick set to?

PC. That’s what I was thinking last night was maybe it was the stick setting on the wrong LS\DP\RS switch. I didn’t get a chance to check this morning though. I will try tonight. Thanks!

weird. now its not doing it on either LS or DP…weird…

that is odd