Weird glitch ?

A while back I was playing a friend and something weird happened. I don’t know if this was already explained anywhere and I’m wayyy too lazy to try and search for something so obscure. Anyways, he was play K groove, he barely attained the max bar, He grabbed me, I countered it with a grab and the grab was cancelled, afterwords his COMPLETE bar went away. I never really tried to do it again but I was crackin up when it happened and he was like “what the !#@$!!??” :rofl:

it’s probably one of those tech reversal glitches.

i remember i had a R4 C-sagat, did lv 3 standing tiger cannon on a R1 beni jump in. what was weird is he SAFE FALLED that shit LOL. JJJ said it’s impossible but i was pretty sure it happened LOL

To the OP, that’s a tech reveral glitch, and it basically happens when a tech throw occurs and both try to reversal each other at the same time. In most cases, the glitches are aesthetic and sometimes crash the game. With you instance, your friend tried to reversal you with a super but it cancelled itself out during the tech throw period. I’ve done them in training mode but I don’t remember if that’s happened in a real match. May have, I just don’t remember.

So it could’ve happened if he just tried a normal move? Cause I’m pretty sure he wasn’t try to go for a special.

Normally it happens if someone is trying to reversal you with a super, thats the usual protocol for it to happen. Normals don’t equate to reversals, only specials and supers.

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whats the glicth when the character is upside down? i was playing with iory an dmy friend was playing someone i cant remember and like we were throwing each other and next thing i remember i was upside down. i mean my shadow was on top and my char. was on the bottom. it was cool cause he couldnt him me but my shadow was able to hit him.