Weird Glitch

Dunno if anyone has seen this before, but I was playing the other day and this really strange glitch came up.

PS2 Version all normal settings
Versus mode
C-groove E. Honda vs. P-groove Cammy (both are R2 and last chars on the team)
Dont remember the stage
I think I was first player
Friend was using the Tekken 5 stick
I was using the old green stick Hori (the one with the mirror top) with a replaced PS1 cord

I was playing Honda and I knocked my friend’s Cammy down. I did crouching short and stuffed something. The game indicated reversal…but Cammy’s entire P-groove meter just entirely depleted. No super came out at all, and there were no RCs involved.

Anyone else seen this before? Too bad we didn’t have a memory card to save this shit.

You probably stuffed a wake up super, and this kind of thing happens all the time with throws…but low short? That’s really impressive.

There was no flash tho. And I highly doubt any of Cammy’s two supers can be stuffed by a meaty normal.

yea, it’s a weird unexplainable bug that happens from time to time

somebody tries to do a super, other guy throws him, dude loses all his meter and no super flash occurs

this is the first ive heard of it happening with just a normal move though

Wow thats lame. Wish i had proof to show you. CvS2 is wonderful.

Yeah, I did that to Blanka with Iori’s scum gale…I felt so dirty after that. Oh well :sweat:

he could of done kara normal into super, so it read the super when you traded hits perhaps?