Weird behavior with Tototek Saturn Joypad Convertor

So I have got a tototek saturn joypad convertor so I can use my HRAP2 on my Saturn. Now it works great but recently I have been trying to play World Heroes Perfect and it is acting possesed. I know the tototek has built in turbo/slowmo functions, it’s acting like they are turned on all the time.

The weird thing is it only seems to be this game. I actually have two of these convertors and they both behave in the same way for various ps1/ps2 controllers. Has anyone run into this before? Is it something with World Heroes?

Couldn’t tell you. Don’t own World Heroes on the Saturn and I haven’t attempted to use my HRAP 2 SA with that pad converter.

The only bad thing I have to say about Tototek is the fact that you have to reroute quick disconnects for two of the buttons to get full (and convenient)six button functionality. Other than that, it’s just nice to be able to use a high-quality controller/full arcade parts on the Saturn.

Right now, I’ve only used a modded (full-Sanwa) American Tekken 5 controller with Vampire Hunter/Darkstalkers 2/Nightwarriors. Functioned fine other than being forced to go into the Options Menu and reassign the buttons… The Tekken 5 stick, btw, has no Turbo functions on it. Not that I use those on my full-up SA/SE sticks, either…

The Tototek converter is still by far a cheaper option than the MC Cthulu which now works with the Saturn after Firmware update. Hardware costs for that alone will exceed the Tototek by a factor of 6 – that’s assuming you already have all the tools and buttons and joystick parts you need before the PCB swap! MC Cthulu is really a better option for non-PS2 PCBs at any rate. You really want to hold onto the PS2 PCBs IMHO…

The MCC does have the advantage of 8-button functionality in addition to multi-system compatibility. That would have been nice with the Tototek but no fighting game I’m aware of really needs more than 6-buttons (for gameplay) at any rate…

I finally was able to snag two of these. Pretty good, but MAN, the button mapping is nuts. They still had some in stock last I checked, if anyone else is looking for some.

Now that I have at least two joysticks equipped with MC Cthulu’s I don’t use Saturn-specific converters; the MCC covers the system.
I got rid of my two Tototek PS2-Saturn converters long ago…

These pad converters that screw up button layout are always a pain-and-a-half. So, so glad Toodles thought around the issue so you don’t have to swap connectors on buttons every time you want to use a joystick on a retro console!

The same issue with screwy button layout does often pop up with USB controller useage on the PS3. I never did like having to twist my brain on figuring out to configure the buttons on those USB Saturn pads for fighting games. The only Saturn pad that never had an issue on the PS3 was the PS2 pad Sega produced but that makes sense – Sony really hasn’t changed its software controller laws much since the PS1 and that’s why we can still use 18-year-old PS1 controllers on the PS3.

What really threw me off is the diagram. It uses the top diagram in such a way that it took me a while to figure out that since the R shoulder buttons were shown on the LEFT side, I was to understand they were talking about the left shoulder buttons. And vice versa.

I will eventually look into MC Cthulhus and PS360+es, but for right now, this is my silly world.

Does anyone have insight if these can be modified internally to change the button mapping? I’ve long had the same problem, and there are also SNES versions with an atrocious layout. They work well and don’t seem to lag, though.