Weekly Thursdays in San Francisco: DoubleKO returns to Venue550


What’s up NorCal?

Venue 550 in San Francisco is going to be opening its doors every Thursday night (starting July 10) for casual and competitive game nights, after we host Curleh Mustache this weekend.

We will have about 15 dedicated setups, and we encourage others to bring their own consoles as well. We have 3 large projectors, a massive sound system, tons of huge monitors, parking… and a bar or two! We’ve done some renovations since you last saw us in 2013, and think you will like the changes we’ve made.

No charge at the door, no charge to play our games. Come in, have some drinks, and kick it with your friends.

You can check out our space at www.Venue550.com and www.facebook.com/Venue550.

Hope people show up and support you. Thursdays are the worst day of the week for me, so I won’t be able to come most weeks unfortunately.

Hey guys, we’re doing some construction this week (installing a giant holographic display!) so we have moved to Friday for this week.

Come hang out and play some games. If you can beat our guys in SF4, I’ll buy you a drink.

How does this place work? Do you have KOF? Do people need to bring their own sticks?

We don’t have KOF, but if someone brings it and people want to play, we will accommodate them. We have a few sticks but probably not enough to go around.

We’re just getting started and expanding our inventory.

Basically, it’s a place to come and hang out, play some games, and have some drinks.

Sounds great. I’ll have to check it out sometime. Who do I have to defeat for a free drink? Hahaha

Yeah, we all could use more places to drink and play games. Do you primarily have ps3 or xbox?

We have Xbox360s, you are welcome to bring your own setups though.

If you can beat STA Willpower, n0thingman, or STA AlexFree, I’ll buy you a drink.